Finance Agency explains: There is a budget deficit 32 trillion dinars

Jubouri confirms the existence of the reluctance in the formation of committees Algnapeh..ozyr Finance Agency explains: There is a budget deficit 32 trillion dinars

Saturday, 06 September / September 2014 17:49

Finance Agency explains - There is a budget deficit 32 trillion dinars[Baghdad where]

Minister of Finance Agency Net net debt, through hosted in the parliament session today and a deficit in the draft budget for the year 2014 of $ 32 trillion dinars. While the Speaker confirmed Saleem al-Jubouri at the meeting and there is justification for the reluctance of the Commission’s work for the formation of parliamentary committees.

A statement by the Presidency of the parliament, today, the agency received all of Iraq [where], a copy of which, “The House of Representatives debated minutes twelfth legislative term first and enacted by the legislature’s first session of the third electoral held today Saturday, 06/09/2014, headed by Mr. Saleem al-Jubouri, head of Council and in the presence of 240 deputies, At the outset of the meeting the Board discussed the issue of the formation of the standing committees in the House of Representatives, as Vice President of the Council Iaram Sheikh Mohammed that based on the agreement of the Special Committee committees parliamentary has been the adoption of the 179 members of the National Alliance for the terrace 14 of the Commission, including 4 category A. [7 Class B and Class 3 [c] and won the Kurdistan Alliance bloc, which has 65 deputy on the 5 committees 2 category [a] b and 3 category [c] The alliance Iraqi forces 54 deputies has presided over the 4 committees Class 1 [a] and 2 class [b] and 1 class [c] The National Bloc Vhazat on two category 1 [a] and 1 class [b] components and have 6 members and got a committee and one of the class [b]. ”

The vice president of the House of Representatives to the non-completion of naming the members by the heads of the blocks so far, even though given the opportunity to distribute the House of Representatives on the committee, pointing out that it was agreed to postpone the naming of the members of the committees class 1 until after the formation of the government, a proposal to be a session on Monday next Naming a date to determine the members of the committees.

For his part, Saleem al-Jubouri, head of the House of Representatives that “there is reluctance justification for the Commission’s work for the formation of committees, referring to the need to obtain consensus for the work of the committees and the importance of expediting its formation.

In the interventions of Representatives lawmaker Hanan al stressed the need to speed up the author of parliamentary committees because of their importance in solving the big problems that plague citizens and pass projects across Almanmh.bdorh Khosro Goran MP for the Kurdistan Alliance ready to vote on the members of the parliamentary committees category [b] and [c ]. Then the Council voted to postpone the naming of the members of the Standing Parliamentary Committees to session on Monday at a NhaĂș his part, called on MPs Jubouri resolve the issue in the next session quickly and provide the names of the members of the parliamentary standing committees.

From the other side, hosted the Council and the Minister of Finance and purity of net debt agency to discuss the general budget for the year 2014.

At the outset of hosting the Minister of Finance, the budget of 2014 passed the circumstances of minutes at the beginning and the owners presented to the Council of the many things that led to the non-ratification of the previous session.

And between net that source foundation of the budget is oil and our estimates based on the account of $ 90 a barrel, adding to a deficit of $ 32 trillion dinars and try to be addressed through some measures, such as remittances closet and bonds, noting that “the government has worked according to the principle of one twelfth of the budget and security conditions after the Council of Ministers to spend sums in the form of advances exceeded the 1 to 12. ”

He said the Minister of Finance and the agency that “there is a kind of cruise in the implementation of projects and disbursement of funds allocated to them indicating that the security conditions have contributed to erode oil revenues, which amounted to over 2014 about 64 trillion dinars either operating expenses and investment has reached 49 trillion dinars.”

And wondered Head of the Interim Committee of the budget MP Magda Tamimi about the book or the official report, which was adopted for the purpose of export and guess the fate of the 2015 budget.

In response noted the Minister of Finance and the agency that estimates of oil up to July 31 amounted to one million barrels, pointing to the existence of detailed reports for all aspects of the spending will be to provide the Council with as held several meetings to develop a strategy through the use of experts on the budget in 2015, pointing out that the Ministry of Finance in connection with meetings with all ministries to know their needs.

He pointed to the importance of the work of the new government to complete the work, especially as the strategy adopted approving the 2014 budget will move to next year’s budget properly.

In the interventions of the House of Representatives, MP Ammar Tohme need to speed up the submission of the budget bill for 2014 to the House of Representatives and submit a report on the next three months.

The deputy proposed Niazi Ihsanoglu Add the amounts allocated for this year to next year’s budget in accordance with the specific procedures, especially near the time of the receipt of the 2015 budget and the difficulty of approving the current year budget after changes that have occurred in the country.

Wondered MP Farhad capable for the competent judicial authority, which decided to cut the salaries of the staff of the Kurdistan region in conflict with the Constitution.

The deputy asked Bayan Jabr about the legal basis for the disbursement of the amounts are calling ancestor petro-dollar exchange allocations to the provinces.

For his part, MP Ribawar Taha pay the salaries of the staff of the region and define the concept of the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil.

He was surprised at MP Mehdi al-Hafez acted without government money regardless legal basis which requires clarification by the Ministry of Finance.

She called MP Nahida Daini to release of grades in 2014 to accommodate the unemployed.

MP Ahmed al-Jubouri, has stressed the importance of taking into account the affected provinces and disbursement of pensions.

Turning MP Kanna to budget austerity and the need to compensate those affected by the military operations and the displaced.

The MP Masood Haider inquire about owning the ministry for a financial plan for the coming years, or limited to a specific plan for each year.

In turn ask MP Abbas al-Bayati, about the possibility or opportunities to pass the budget in 2014 or combined with next year.

The proposed establishment of an MP Fatima Hamidi Bank Housing companion to the Housing Fund to address the housing crisis.

The MP Fares Albraivkane that the delay in approving the budget, making the principles that have been developed on the basis of which the theory rather than a process and adopted the budget in 2013 in exchange imposed on the current budget burdens of many made for operating expenses priority, calling for budget allocation rewarding for the Kurdistan region to cover the high costs of more than two million displaced people present in the province.

He called MP Bahaa al-Araji, to clarify the real deficit to put the country under the current circumstances and liquefied exceeded expenses in light of the war on terrorism.

The MP demanded to know sunrise Abaiji vision in which the exchange of money during the year 2014 and the sectors affected by the failure to approve the budget.

The MP Rubaie said the accumulated deficit Satdkhm a shrug balance in the face of the central bank needs wondered about the government’s return to the House of Representatives on the securities.

She said the MP Khadija and Lahey importance of expediting passage of the budget because of its positive impact on the citizens to advocate financial budget includes expenses of emergency in parallel with the needs.

The MP demanded high Nassif and the Ministry of Finance of the final accounts for the previous year’s budget for fiscal 2014.

The MP called on al-Awadi, a paradise to the attention to the industry because of its importance in the promotion of budget revenues.

He pointed to the Attorney Mazen Mezni said the budget represents the financial plan for the state in the light of the vision of what programs and activities and projects they intend to accomplish, calling on the Iraqi people briefed on the amount of money that was lost after the fall of a number of provinces, however terrorism.

MP inquired about the fate of olive Dulaimi grades for the current year and whether will be added to the budget next year, especially because of its importance in addressing the unemployment situation.

The MP wondered Hamdiya Husseini about the reasons behind the lack of budget to take advantage of private sector imports, industry and agriculture.

In response to the interventions, the Minister of Finance Agency that the salaries of all Almottagaaddan and staff in the affected areas and who are in all the provinces were disbursed through banks in Kirkuk, Baghdad and Samarra, noting that the estimate oil exports for the current year now stands at 2.6 million barrels from the south only average because of the circumstances security.

He drew the net to the money you spend now are in accordance with the resolutions of the Council of Ministers in view of the circumstances of unusual and great needs in the field of aid to displaced people, adding that the allocations of emergency amounted to 1 percent, while it was supposed to be 10 percent, which is imposed on the House of Representatives to increase these customizations, explaining put allocation amounts to increase the salaries of the staff and the petro-dollar and other allocations within the remainder of the current year budget.

He said the Minister of Finance Agency that the Council of Ministers approved the final accounts, which imposes on the House of Representatives to take its oversight role in this area, and expressed his hope in the ratification of the current year budget to launch the grades or added to the budget next year.

He said the net that the budget is not numbers, but her goals and economic development, but the implementation process may not be at the required level, which shows the positive impact of being linked to the efficient implementation, adding that the issue of bypassing the government, on a ratio of 1 \ 12 of the budget was an urgent need to address the issues of emergency, stressing the lack of any shortfall in the budget.

And between the minister, the budget law in 2013 included a paragraph dealing with the abuses and the damage caused by the region or the province irregular province budget and solve these problems or referred to the Federal Court in the event of failure to find a solution to it, especially as the budget hit damage as a result of the failure of the Kurdistan region from sending its petroleum revenues to be included within the budget Finance, stressing that the Kurdish people is part of the Iraqi people has the right to its share of the financial budget of the Federal and the ministry paid the salaries of the staff of the Department of Citizenship and some sectors in the region within the expenses of the ruling and the ministry Ttrat to pay the share of the province until the arrival of a letter from the Ministry of Oil on the lifting of the damage from the issue of oil Kurdistan region.

For his part, President of the Council thanked the Minister of Finance and the Agency for his important information on the budget for fiscal 2014.

Then decided to adjourn the meeting on Monday 8-9-2014.anthy