Ministry of Finance confirms its readiness to discuss the 2014 budget

Ministry of Finance confirms its readiness to discuss the 2014 budget


Ministry of Finance confirms its readiness to discuss the 2014 budgetAt a time of mounting calls by citizens and local governments to speed up the adoption of the 2014 budget law, which was left of it is less than 4 months, deputies expressed their hope that recognizes the budget soon before it reaches the 2015 budget to the council mid-month.

Delays in the adoption of the federal budget for the current year, which amounted to about 150 billion dollars, the largest in the history of Iraq, cast a shadow on the different aspects of life, and the movement of the market and hindered the implementation of many projects.

Aqbinma expect Congress to give the Cabinet Budget Law 2014 ČäÓÎĘĺ amended to parliament next week, the Minister of Finance Agency purity of net debt to Radio Free Iraq that the ministry is ready to discuss the budget after amendments and fundamental changes that have occurred in them.

The former House of Representatives failed to approve the budget of 2014, which led to migrate to the new parliamentary session.

He ruled MP Hassan al-Bayati, a member of the parliamentary finance committee for the Federation of temporary Iraqi forces would be able to present council approving the budget soon.

Al-Bayati stressed the need for the government to prepare next year’s budget in 2015 and submitted to the Parliament in order to avoid the mistakes that led to the failure to approve the 2014 budget, pointing out that the integration of Almoisntin both technical and legal is not possible.

Temporary Finance Committee set up by the House of Representatives to approve the 2014 budget law, headed by Deputy Chairman of the Board at the time, Haider al-Abadi, did not submit its final report and remained outstanding after its commissioning Abadi, to form a cabinet.

She said a member of the Finance Committee for the National Alliance Magda al-Tamimi, told Radio Free Iraq that the Parliament will vote on the budget for the remaining four months of 2014 because the past eight months, has turned into a realistic figures.

The parliamentary Finance Committee temporary re-balancing in 2014 and demanded the government to provide details of spending since the beginning of this year, as requested by the Ministry of Finance monetary stance, Finance and imports and advances in light of recent developments.

Member of the parliamentary Finance Committee temporary Kurdistan Alliance Najiba Najib confirmed to Radio Free Iraq that the budget still has not been returned by the government after Parliament, noting that Parliament awaiting the revised budget, for approval by consensus by all the political blocs.

The state general budget for 2014 material for debate between the political blocs, and has become one of the papers in the ongoing negotiations to form a new government.

And sees a political science professor at Baghdad University, Anwar al-Haidari, the fate of the federal budget for the current year, and next year is part of the fate of the political process in Iraq, which began to descend into the abyss, as he put it, because of the so-called Baltoafiqih that are incompatible with democracy.

Contributed in the file Radio Free Iraq correspondent in Baghdad, Ahmed Rami