Oil parliamentary reveal a political consensus on the project for the oil and gas law (HCL)

House of Representatives did not succeed Bdorth past and present the agreement to approve the oil and gas law and an end to the controversy continued for more than six years between Baghdad and Erbil and a number of provinces on the management of oil wealth.

The Commission’s decision to Kassem Mohammed told (UR) that “there is a consensus among the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance and the National Alliance of parties on the draft law of oil and gas, prepared by the Committee earlier that differ from the government in three paragraphs of the draft is important.”

He explained the Commission’s decision is a member of the Kurdistan Alliance that “the proposed oil and gas law which was submitted by the Commission in accordance with the constitutional articles 111 and 112 and includes three axes of the task of firstly, he stressed that the provinces as well as the regions to be involved in the management and draw political oil and this is not in the government project, which neglected the producing provinces. “

He added that “the second paragraph contained in the Commission’s project is to be the Federal Council is linked to the House of Representatives and not, as he brought the project of government by linking the Prime Minister, either the third paragraph are related to contracts current oil has been developed solutions and not keep it on hold while neglected the project, which introduced by the government. “

And spin differences between Baghdad and Erbil on the conclusion of the recent oil contracts with foreign companies without coordination with the Ministry of the Federal Oil and attribute this region to the absence of federal oil law that regulates the nature of the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil on oil wealth.

Region and concluded contracts with foreign oil companies to develop oil fields, but Baghdad does not recognize such contracts, and the two sides held several rounds of negotiations without reaching a final solution to them by the existence of differences on the draft law of oil and gas.

The Kurdistan region and decided early last month to stop oil exports against the background of non-payment of the federal government for money to foreign oil companies operating in the region.