Deputy for the law: the new government will be announced early next week

Deputy for the law: the new government will be announced early next week

25/08/2014 18:10

Deputy for the law - the new government will be announced early next weekBAGHDAD / obelisk: Deputy likely for a coalition of state law, which falls in the National Alliance, on Monday, that is the announcement of the new government and its program beginning next week, adding that the negotiations between the political blocs, will expire during the current week.

The MP said the coalition of state law Sadiq gum in an interview for “obelisk”, “Prime Minister-designate Haider al-Abadi, vowed to solve all the problems in the previous stage through the constitution after the formation of the government.”

He added that “al-Abadi stressed on the need to provide political blocs figures efficient and fair to fill the ministerial portfolios.”

He continued chewing gum that “negotiations between the political blocs on forming a government and will continue through this week, after the names of the blocks that provide specifications mentioned by the candidates,” likely to “be announced early next week with its government in the House of Representatives.”

The prime minister-designate has said Haider al-Abadi, said Monday in a press conference that the negotiations to form a government .. positive announcement expected within two days.

Commissioned by President Fuad Masum, the candidate of the largest bloc (the National Alliance) Haider Abadi, the formation of a new government in August 9 current, that complete its work during the constitutional period, amounting to a month, in the form of the National Alliance for the negotiating committee to study the government program and dialogue with other political blocs and the receipt of the names of candidates To fill the ministries in the new government.