Sami al-Askari: no solution but to overthrow the Iraqi constitution and government .. Abadi will not differ from the Maliki

Sami al-Askari: no solution but to overthrow the Iraqi constitution and government .. Abadi will not differ from the Maliki

2014/8/24 03:09:58 PM

Sami al-Askari - no solution but to overthrow the Iraqi constitution and governmentBAGHDAD / Wi-News

MP Sami al-Askari said on Sunday that Prime Minister-designate will be forced to accept candidates for the ministries of the blocks, as he emphasized that the new government will not differ from its predecessor.

He wrote the military, in his on the social networking site “Facebook”, “The majority of Iraqis are looking strong national government to protect the interests of the people and cleanse the land of Iraq from the criminal gangs and foremost Daash and its allies and rebuild different state institutions on the basis of constitutional and legal.”

He continued, “all politicians are calling for the need to achieve real participation of the components of the Iraqi people in the administration of the affairs of Iraq and not to marginalize or component of a wide national, religious or ideological.”

He said the military, “the aspirations and wishes true and legitimate, but the question today is whether this can be achieved? Can Abadi – for example – that refuses to ministers who do not see them incompetent for ministerial positions, which nominated her.”

He went on to say, “I heard his appeal to the political blocs that are keen to provide the owners of competence and experience and Hosni conduct and integrity.”

He added by saying, “Abadi known – also knows a lot of followers – that the meetings take place in Amman and other capitals of the countries in the region for the sale of ministerial positions in a manner tender .. pays more than regaining the biggest opportunity.”

He said, “knows the prime minister-designate that he did not stay in front of him to offer his ministry to the parliament in order to gain confidence, and if the delay so he would lose the opportunity to commissioning and will go from him to others within the Shiite alliance who wish not to succeed Abadi, until it has the chance lost for the Dawa Party, for the fourth time “.

He asked al-Abadi, “Is cede the Kurds for a referendum on secession., And if abandoned him temporarily by threats Daash which knocked the doors of Arbil, not for American intervention and airlift European transport weapons and equipment, the weapons will be a guarantee, however, the Kurds not to dare Abadi, or any prime minister of another Iraqi their claim to restore Kirkuk to Iraq. ”

He said, “I do not think that’s what will happen., But more likely to succeed Dr. Abadi to provide his ministry to Parliament on schedule and accept candidates from political blocs without objection that can and will come on a single government that does not vary by any thing about the Maliki government.”

He continued, “The government and its ministers loyal to their bloc, which came to these positions, and competencies are by their loyalty to their parties and their willingness to convert ministries source of funding for them and their parties which have nominated them.”

He concluded by saying, “in the Battle of the Camel fought by Imam Ali in Basra, was calling Aakaroa sentences did not stop battle, but when ousted sentences., And today is no hope in the Iraqi government and a strong national unless it is the overthrow of this Constitution or repaired at the very least, there is no unity and stability of Iraq and there is no strong government presence of the texts and the terms of the dispute raises more than understanding and weaken the state and strengthen it. ”