Ziadi: Iraqi diplomacy succeeded in developing relations with Kuwait

Friday, May 4, 2012 16:13

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. MP from the State of Law coalition Faleh Ziadi high opinion Nassif, MP for Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations

Is an expression of personal opinion.He said in a statement Ziadi / News of the Baghdadi: We notice on the ground that Iraqi diplomacy succeeded in the last period and the restoration of Iraq’s leading position in the region and to improve and develop relations and begin to build bridges with neighboring countries and regional and Kuwait in particular.

He described the Iraqi file, Kuwaiti MP Bcaúk to the presence of barriers to the completion of these relations, pointing to the existence of the psychological barrier to the Iraqis and Kuwaitis to restore the good that has been affected as a result of Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in the era of the former regime.

The Ziadi noticed the existence of good intentions to the State of Kuwait to improve relations through higher attendance at the summit of Baghdad.

According to Deputy: Iraq’s interest to improve and develop relations with Kuwait, especially in relation to the file of debt and out of Iraq from Chapter VII.

The MP for the formation of committees specialized started meetings with the Kuwaiti side in the presence of good intentions of the parties to resolve all dilemmas outstanding and the first of these things is an order to a joint of the parties to the United Nations concerning the organization of border markers, as well as out of Chapter VII, which began almost imminent of reach.

The MP for the Iraqi bloc of free high Nassif has confirmed that the Iraqi people did not touch any successes in the recent meetings between Iraq and Kuwait, including the best interest of Iraq, Kuwait, especially after the success in obtaining Mganmha of Iraq, which did not learn anything from those meetings.

She said in a written statement received / Baghdadiya News / copy of it: “The Iraqi street watched with interest the meetings and the meetings held with the Kuwaiti side to resolve the outstanding problems between the parties, and the latest of which was the meeting of the Committee of Ministers”. / Finished / 49 /