Washington has threatened to arrest him on charges of obstructing Maliki application of the Constitution if it did not step down

Washington has threatened to arrest him on charges of obstructing Maliki application of the Constitution if it did not step down

Posted 15/08/2014 04:18 PM

al-MalikiWashington forced the prime minister ended authority to withdraw his candidacy for the presidency of the government for the benefit of the taxpayer formed Haider al-Abadi, without al-Maliki to get any guarantees of non-prosecution in criminal cases, or promises of high positions.

Revealed Iraqi source was close to the negotiations last minute for caving Maliki to internal and external pressures to abandon his aspiration for a third term escalated two days before announcing the withdrawal and has taken a serious turn to deliver a message of US him that he step down within hours and without delay and not show himself to perform is not in his favor, which was interpreted as a threat close to him forcing him to step down, which may force up to his arrest on charges of obstruction application of the Constitution and standing generally assigned to presidential and disrupt the political process.

According to the source, the threat coincided with a call was launched in Washington, where the White House urged Maliki to step down and allow his successor-designate to form a government ..

The source added that to save the situation and about welcoming the Arab and Iranian and Western broad nomination Haider Abadi, to head the new government and the disclosure of a letter sent by the reference Mr. Ali al-Sistani to Maliki’s party “call” calls for the leadership to choose a president and Za new, it undertook the leaders of the coalition of state law, led by al-Maliki, led by the leader of the Dawa Party-Iraq Organization Vice President Khodair al and other leaders in the coalition to move to save the situation and persuade Maliki to withdraw his candidacy voluntarily.

He explained that Maliki remained maneuvering through communications that preceded stepping down as guarantees of non-prosecution of corruption Owanthakat legal, but his interlocutors told him that the time has exceeded the possibility of obtaining such guarantees, especially with the rivalry, which entered into with Iraqi President Fuad Masum, and submitted a complaint against him with the Federal Court Higher charges of violating the constitution.

He said that al-Maliki called for the position of Vice President of the Republic but objections fronted well as the Vice-Presidents are two, one is a Shiite, a Khuzai, who takes office years ago, and the other will be given to the Sunni candidate could be former parliament speaker, leader of a coalition of “Uniting for Reform” Osama Najafi. He called al-Maliki refused to emphasize this in a speech that he does not step down any coveted position.