Mediation to end the crisis, al-Maliki clung to power and achieved positive results

Mediation to end the crisis, al-Maliki clung to power and achieved positive results

Thursday, 14 August / August 2014 12:41

Mediation to end the crisis al-Maliki clung to power and achieved positive results[Baghdad-where]

Source revealed, on Thursday, for mediation to end the crisis clung Prime Minister outgoing Nuri al-Maliki in power.

The source said that “the Islamic Dawa Party / Iraq Organization, is mediating to end the current political crisis,” adding that “mediation has reached a positive outcome will contribute to accelerate the formation of the government.”

The agency all of Iraq [where] have quoted yesterday for a leading exporter in the Dawa Party, said that “al-Maliki gave up his claim the post of head the next government,” adding that “al-Maliki told the leaders of the Islamic Dawa Party abandoning his claim the post of prime minister and according to some of the conditions agreed upon” .

The source added that “al-Maliki called for dialogue with the leaders of the Dawa Party, on those terms,” ​​the source said, without giving further details or the nature of these conditions.

Al-Maliki, confirmed yesterday in his weekly adherence to authority, “rejecting” the formation of any new government beyond what he called a “violation of the Constitution,” adding that his insistence on adhering to the position of head the next government “would be until the end of that in order to protect the state and the rights of voters.”

Maliki said that “this government is continuing and will not change until after the decision of the Federal Court is no trivial matter in this way, there is a constitutional violation and that the possible plot hatched in any form at home and abroad.”

He was President Fuad Masum had commissioned, last Monday, the National Alliance candidate for prime minister Haidar al-Abbadi form the next government.

They had been assigned Abadi welcomed locally and internationally, including the United States, Germany, Spain, Japan, Iran and the Arab League, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Musr.anthy