Kurdish official: Al-Baghdadi fled from Mosul for fear of American bombing

Kurdish official: Al-Baghdadi fled from Mosul for fear of American bombing

08/14/2014 14:17

Kurdish official - Al-Baghdadi fled from Mosul for fear of American bombingAgencies – revealed a Kurdish official, on Thursday, for the escape of the leader of the organization “Daash” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of the city of Mosul heading to Syria for fear of air raids carried out by American fighters on the sites the organization, as pointed informed source that a number of young people of Mosul joined Bmslha “Daash , “and was sent to the island areas in Syria for the purpose of participating fight.
The official said the media section XIV of the Kurdistan Democratic Party happy Mmousine in an interview with the newspaper “Middle East” I followed “Alsumaria News”, “Khalifa organization Daash Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leaving Mosul and went to Syria a few days ago,” noting that “according to our sources of intelligence, the Baghdadi went, accompanied by 30 military vehicle type (Hummer) to Syria, fearing that American planes bombed targets, especially after the organization has a large number of leaders in the battles with the Peshmerga forces. ”

In another context, Mmousine explained that “the organization Daash launched yesterday, an attack on the Peshmerga forces near the village of Omar Ghalib near hand Zammar, but the Peshmerga forces confronted him and killed five militants and destroyed two wheels organization belonging to them.”

The other hand, the newspaper reported, citing a source familiar in Mosul that “Daash kill all men Yazidis trapped in southern villages of Sinjar after the end of the ultimatum for them to convert to Islam,” noting that “militants regulation entered yesterday to villages Yazidi that they had identified her a deadline to convert to Islam , and they killed the men after their wives and daughters raped, then killed the elderly women and girls and children were taken to Mosul. ”

He continued that “the organization is open to volunteer for youth in Mosul, has been joined by a number of young people, was sending a large number of them to areas of the island in Syria for the war,” noting that “it has the endorsement Daash being transferred to nearby areas of Mosul Others Verslon to Fighting in Syria, after military training for three days in the Canadian camp in Mosul. ”

The source revealed that “Daash devoted an entire floor of Mosul General Hospital or wounded whose numbers have increased in battles with the Peshmerga and the mosques are required by citizens to donate blood for them,” RO / h