Sources for policy: Abadi began today his contacts to form a government

Sources for policy: Abadi began today his contacts to form a government

Tuesday, 12 August / August 2014 16:34

Sources for policy - Abadi began today his contacts to form a government[Baghdad-where]

According Massadrssayash informed that Prime Minister-designate Haider Abadi began on Tuesday his contacts to form a new government

She said these sources if the agency all of Iraq [where] that Abadi optimistic to reach a formation of a government of national unity where available and have broad national and admissibility based on the national partnership.

Believes that these sources Abadi intends to complete the composition of the government in a short time before the expiry of the month to the specific constitutional mandate to form a government after it officially yesterday August 11.

However, these sources indicated that al-Abadi has had difficulty in determining who should head the ministries of defense and interior, which Zlta run by Prime Minister outgoing Nuri al-Maliki and the agency during the past four years and do not intend to take over the Abadi any of the posts. According to political sources.

It is expected that given Abadi important positions to figures from the State of Law coalition led by the al-Maliki is also expected to keep Abadi some ministers in their posts, such as Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, and Hussein al-Shahristani, if not objected to by the Kurds because of what was said about the rigor in dealing with agreements extraction and Tsidiralnaft implemented by Kurdistan Regional Government without the approval of the federal government.

These sources confirmed that the talks taking place behind the scenes to persuade al-Maliki, the position of Vice President of the Republic and the appointment of one of his aides and ministers of the interior.

It is believed now that the new government will be smaller than the previous one, consisting of more than 30 ministers for two reasons, firstly trying to reduce expenses because of the current security conditions and the second in response to the request of some political blocs that see that there are leaner in government positions of ministers and advisers and protections and so on. Ended