National Alliance finally presenting the owners versus withdrawal: our candidate will be presented Today

National Alliance finally presenting the owners versus withdrawal: our candidate will be presented to the infallible Today

10/08/2014 (00:01 pm)

Iraqi GovernmentBAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

Seemed Badr and the citizen and the Liberals and confident on Saturday, the National Alliance will present its candidate for prime minister during the next few hours, Sunday afternoon where end deadline given to them by the President of the Republic, deputies said about these blocks that the candidate will necessarily conform to the opinion and specifications of the religious authority, which emphasized the it must have an acceptability by all national parties, in repeated signals to widespread opposition to the policies of Nuri al-Maliki, leader of a coalition of state law and who clings to his job, threatening to hold Panevrat largest Shiite bloc in parliament.
Lawmakers said the National Alliance, made ​​a presentation to the owners spend a stint sovereign sites versus withdraw his candidacy to head the government, while confirming the Liberal bloc that al-Maliki looking for assurances not to pursue him legally, noting that the coalition Show “taught within the state of law and await the response.” He criticized the representative of the Supreme religious authority in Karbala, the first on Friday, continuing conflict and disagreement on the position of prime minister, returned clinging to the job “a terrible mistake”, should be shunned by those who feel responsibility before the people, and called on the Iraqi political forces to work, “according to a unified vision”, taking into account the rights of all citizens. ”
said MP for the Liberal block of the Sadrist movement Tariq Kikhany told the “term”, that the postponement of the parliamentary session to on Monday came as requested by site of some of the blocks of the National Alliance to make room for consensus on the character of the next prime minister and to ensure that are admissibility. ” He Kikhany that “a coalition of state law still up for grabs offering an alternative candidate for Nouri al-Maliki, which delayed submission of the National Alliance candidate for the position of prime minister,” stressing that “the National Alliance will present its candidate to the President Fuad Masum tomorrow (noon on Sunday).”
said the parliamentarian rib for the province of Karbala, saying that “the National Alliance candidate would be consistent with the orientations of the religious authority in Najaf that has admissibility of all political parties and enjoy efficient,” noting that “all blocks coalition with the exception of a limited supporter of al-Maliki, opposed his candidacy now, in response to the opinion Bookmark. ”
and on the reasons behind the delay of the National Alliance in providing candidate for prime minister said Kikhany “The rule of law has objections to put more than one candidate by the National Alliance for the selection of someone to head the government.”
and added that “Maliki wants assurances from the leaders of the National Alliance vs. withdraw his candidacy from the third mandate, not to pursue him legally, as well as give him a sovereign position in the state, “pointing out that” the coalition is willing to give him either as vice president or deputy prime minister or one of the sovereign ministries. ”
and added that “al-Maliki and his coalition are studying Showing the National Alliance and wait response in the coming hours. ”
For its part, confirmed the mass Badr led by Hadi al-Amiri, that the meetings of the National Alliance, ongoing and continuous, and will not stop until they nominate a candidate as prime minister. ”
said MP from the bloc Abdul Razzaq Mahabs “long”, “The State of Law and the National Alliance committed to the directives of religious reference, and therefore our candidate for prime minister was disqualified requested by the reference which admissibility. ”
added Mahabs that “the National Alliance will present its candidate according to the periods of constitutional, which will expire on Sunday after extended by the President of the Republic,” stressing that the alliance will provide its candidate for president Fouad infallible Sunday evening. ”
For his part, Habib Terminal MP for the Bloc citizens that the post of prime minister of the positions that need to be lengthy discussions before naming any candidate, especially because of the security situation facing the country.
said Terminal “long” in the next few hours will decide the coalition National candidate through the new prime minister, “stressing that the Alliance candidate will have the admissibility by all the political blocs and this is emphasized by the religious authority.”
and noted leader of the Supreme Council that “our candidate for the presidency of the government is intended to work in accordance with the system of the National Alliance for four years, coming in interaction and consultation In all the steps taken by “pointing out that” there are five names on the table as substitutes for al-Maliki, currently under negotiation. ”
and stressed that “the choice of one of five candidates would be consistent with the visions of the religious authority in Najaf,” noting that “the coalition will be resolved is the candidate through There is no coming hours after the postponement of the constitutional deadline. ”