Maliki in front of the International Criminal Court as a war criminal

Maliki in front of the International Criminal Court as a war criminal

Posted 07/08/2014 11:55 AM

Maliki in front of the International Criminal Court as a war criminalProminent Iraqi lawyers revealed for the International Criminal Court delivered the first cases of documented evidence that condemns Prime Minister outgoing Nuri al-Maliki of war crimes committed with army commanders in different Iraqi cities, including Fallujah and Hawija and the province of Najaf during the past eight years of his rule the country

. The captain told the Iraqi Bar in Nineveh, Ahmed al-Hamdani, in a press statement that “the International Criminal Court in The Hague, received on Wednesday, three lawsuits filed against the al-Maliki, and documented evidence and testimony and video recordings convict him of war crimes and crimes, human rights violations and the execution of prisoners and demonstrators in the cities of Fallujah and Hawija and Najaf. ”

He pointed to al-Hamdani, “included the bombing of explosive barrels within those suits which carried the signature of the 7619 Iraqi citizen families of the victims are demanding the trial of al-Maliki,” adding that “the court has received such suits and included on the agenda of its own audit team, which will meet mid-month.” He explained that “18 Iraqi lawyer and Arab residents in London in charge of the trial of al-Maliki file for fear of political compromises that lead currently underway in Baghdad to prevent his trial locally or even summoned to the complaints filed against him with the victims.”

For his part, said a member of the Iraqi Bar Association in Baghdad, Wael al-Janabi, said that “the International Tribunal may need to be longer than expected to check the authenticity of the documents and evidence but simply accepted those claims and referred to a special committee within the court is excellent and is a great progress in the case of violations committed in Iraq. ” He said al-Janabi, “it is expected that there will be other lawsuits great post-Maliki regarding the enforced disappearance of political opponents and his funding and support for the regime of Bashar al-Assad involved the killing of the Syrian people.”

For his part, stressed the leadership of the Alliance, “united,” Khaled al-Dulaimi, that “any political deals accompany al-Maliki step down from power in the country should not affect the functioning of the judiciary or in the dozens of files that are still mysterious until now.” He stressed that the “coalition of the (united) and the Kurds refuse to grant al-Maliki, any immunity from elimination in the future and he has to bear the responsibility of confronting the judiciary domestic or international with members of his government, especially in the criminal files related murders or crimes of embezzlement and financial and administrative corruption,” adding that “the only thing that I can vouch for him is that he waits a long way from the hearings and judicial proceedings. ” He explained that “it is injustice that we consider crimes and violations relating to the Maliki government Sunni Iraqis, there are crimes committed in the south and center of Iraq against Iraqi Shiites and hope to get a fair trial.” Dulaimi said that “al-Maliki attempts to cling to the post of prime minister does not merely diligent him to get as much of the gains before leaving the SFA in Baghdad, including the granting judicial immunity, which prompted people with victims to lawyers to internationalize the issue.”