Parliament re-budget law in 2014 to the government for review

Parliament re-budget law in 2014 to the government for review

Thursday, 07 August / August 2014 14:16

Parliament re-budget law in 2014 to the government for review[Baghdad-where]

First Deputy Speaker of Parliament and Chairman of the Interim Committee to approve the budget bill for fiscal 2014, Haider Abadi re- budget to the government for review before considering legislation.

A statement by his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the “Abadi chaired today the second meeting of the Committee and listened through the meeting to the views of the committee members was the vote on the back of the financial budget for 2014 to the government for review and agreement with the Interim Committee on Protozoa with the timeframe and demand from the Ministry of Finance monetary stance, Finance and imports and advances that were paid and the financial and military commitments. ”

The statement added that “the Commission has called for a meeting next week with the ministries of oil, planning and financial statement of opinion on the latest developments in the budget.”

Abbadi said during the meeting, according to the statement that “the general situation of the country requires the unification of all efforts and put aside their differences and unite in order to move the country to safety,” pointing out that “the financial budget is one of the necessities required by the country to cover expenses increased as a result of the war against gangs Daash.”

The House of Representatives voted in 23 of last July, on the proposal of the formation of a parliamentary committee temporarily to discuss the issue of the budget for fiscal 2014, while a student parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the Committee to submit its report on the budget within two weeks from the date of its formation that domesticated in the opinion of the Federal Government “Ended .