The news about a couple of days to withdraw the nomination of al-Maliki officially

Badr talking about “candidate” is identical to the reference specifications .. The news about a couple of days to withdraw the nomination of al-Maliki officially

06/08/2014 (00:01 pm)

The news about a couple of days to withdraw the nomination of al-Maliki officiallyBAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

Hinted deputy from the Badr Organization (25 seats in the coalition of state law), that his bloc will not support the nomination of Nuri al-Maliki for a third term, because the Shiite parties keen to provide personal, “according to the opinion of reference Najaf,” enjoys the admissibility national, and pave the way for political change, what confirms loss Maliki is one of the most prominent allies, after Hussain al-Shahristani told (about 25 seats, also in state law) partners that is identical with the opinion of the religious authority, which means the loss of support within Maliki’s bloc by about half.
This comes at a time when male deputies of the citizen and the Liberals, the Shiite parties, gave the Islamic Dawa Party 48 hours to withdraw the nomination of Nuri al-Maliki to head the government and provide the alternative, threatened that it will after tomorrow, Thursday, candidate to the new President of the Republic Fuad Masum, as pointed out that the exit State law outside the National Alliance “means political suicide”, stressing that Maliki’s bloc were to withdraw early from the Shiite alliance, if the court is satisfied to possess enough acceptance with the Kurds and Sunnis.
was the State of Law coalition had announced its adherence to the “constitutional right”, being the largest parliamentary bloc, rejecting any “overflow” on this right, they returned he was “part of the National Alliance, but is still the largest bloc”, in a statement described the Balgaamad, and devoid of any mention of the nomination of al-Maliki on Monday. ”
said MP from the Badr Organization, Abdul Karim Ansari “long”, The National Alliance will present its candidate for prime minister, according to the periods of constitutional, which will expire on the eighth of this month. ”
added Ansari that the “mechanism within the National Alliance will determine the identity of the prime minister by agreement between the heads of blocs within the coalition on its candidate, or from During the General Authority for an alliance. ”
He did not say Ansari these mechanisms controversial as it sounds, but stressed that “the choice of the National Alliance for its candidate for prime minister would be consistent with the orientations of the religious authority” that spoke clearly about the damage to cling to positions and the need for a transfer of power and change in the political team.
of For his part, the MP said the bloc citizen parliamentary Faleh applicable in a statement to the “long” The National Alliance, the largest parliamentary bloc, which has the right to name its candidate to head the next government, “adding,” But if you saw a block of state law to get out of the alliance it can become the largest parliamentary bloc number ” .
but force believes that this difficult choice as the “out of state law from the National Alliance would expose them to a lot of trouble because they will face great difficulty in forming a government, after the opposition all the blocks of the National Alliance in addition to the reservations Kurdish forces and Sunni Maliki for a third term.”
Abizaid the leader of the Supreme Council “if the state law considers the possibility to form a government alone to came out of the National Alliance, a long time ago,” adding that they “know the right knowledge that they leave out the National Alliance means to commit suicide and end-of-political.”
and that “staying within the National Alliance seeks from behind to beg sympathy of the National Alliance in order to pass the prime minister that you want and this has become very difficult, “pointing out that the National Alliance gives the right to a state law to submit its candidate for prime minister, provided that the alternative to al-Maliki.”
explained MP Faleh effect that “the National Alliance gave a coalition of state law, a period of 48 hours to provide an alternative to al-Maliki, and otherwise will provide blocks that fall within the National Alliance candidate alternative to him to head the government. ”
For his part, explained Riad al-Saadi MP from the Sadrist bloc in the House of Representatives that “the Federal Court identified in 2010 are the largest bloc and thus become It is clear to all and there is no justification for the blocks that hinder. ”
Saadi said in an interview for the “long” that the National Alliance is the largest bloc in number and involved in the provision of its candidate for prime minister, “calling on” any political questioning this subject to an appeal to the Federal Court to decide the matter . ”
and on Maliki’s insistence on his candidacy for the position of prime minister replied MP from the Sadrist movement that “in case the insistence of state law to adhere to the submission of Nuri al-Maliki as a candidate for prime minister, it will pay to the National Alliance to provide an alternative candidate for him.”
and noted that “there are several Candidates will be selected, one of them, they Adel Abdul-Mahdi and Ahmad Chalabi and Ibrahim al-Jaafari, “pointing out that” the masses of Badr and independent of the state of law Abulgana they were against the third term of the owners in response to the opinion of the religious authority, which called not to cling to positions. ”
and pointed out that “the blocks that fall within the state law that supports the third mandate of the owners, is the Dawa Party-Iraq Organization, led by Khodair al, as well as the Islamic Dawa Party, “explaining that the alliance is committed to constitutional Palmdd which will expire after tomorrow, Thursday, and therefore we will give our candidate in this period.”