Maliki’s chances in the third term, resolved in the coming hours

Maliki’s chances in the third term, resolved in the coming hours


Malikis chances in the third term resolved in the coming hoursTraditionally Iraqi political blocs to sit behind closed doors after the parliamentary elections to reach a consensus and contract deals usually crowned to provide one basket from the three presidencies candidates to the House of Representatives to vote on them at once. The candidates of the three presidencies in this way obtain the support of the overwhelming majority of MPs without any problem.

But the political crisis and security conditions through which Iraq had prevented the adoption of this method after the elections of last April thirtieth. And had to dismantle the leaders of the blocs will devour and provide each candidate from the candidates of the three presidencies separately. Thus, Saleem al-Jubouri was elected Sunni head of the House of Representatives and then Fuad Masum, the Kurdish president of the republic.

The reason for abandoning the previous method to a variation on the survival of Prime Minister outgoing Nuri al-Maliki another four years. It insists the coalition of state law on the right to nominate al-Maliki to form a new government as the largest parliamentary bloc in parliament. But this insistence collides with strong opposition from the forces of Kurdish, Sunni large and perhaps most importantly, he collides with strong opposition from parties within the National Alliance Shiite such as the Sadrists and the Islamic Supreme Council.

In the midst of the controversy over the legitimacy of a coalition of state law in Maliki’s nomination for a third term, a senior Iranian official announced that Iran is working with the political blocs in Iraq to find a replacement for al-Maliki to form a new government.

He said the Iranian official told Reuters on condition of anonymity, “We have reached the conclusion to the effect that al-Maliki is no longer able to maintain the unity of Iraq anymore.”

He said the Iranian official said Iran’s ambassador in Baghdad, Hassan fled Danaii held talks with the political blocs related However some of the candidates for prime minister, but acknowledged that finding an alternative to al-Maliki, a difficult task.

It is known that the close ties linking the Islamic Republic of Iran and Shiite political blocs to her weight is unlikely to ignore these blocks. Hence the speculation that the Maliki’s chances to stay in the third term, received a blow to the Iranian official statements.

Radio Free Iraq met a spokesman for a coalition of citizen of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Abu tirelessly eloquent whit who pointed out that finding an alternative to Maliki has become a common stance and firm conviction if I want to protect Iraq from the division hello Ptousel others to such a position in a reference to Iran.

He revealed Abu tirelessly that the National Coalition, which includes the Islamic Supreme Council and the Sadrists basically gave the coalition of state law two days to put forward a candidate is Maliki Otherwise, the forces of the National Coalition, along with independent bloc, led by Deputy Prime Minister Hussein al-Shahristani, and the Badr Organization, led by Transport Minister Hadi al-Amiri would go to agree on a candidate from National Coalition specifically.

Leadership in the Kurdistan Alliance Ala Talabani said that the ball is in the court of the National Alliance, the Shiite and the other blocks waiting for his limbs to agree on a candidate to form a government in order to vote for him as agreed year on their candidate for the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and voted upon other blocks and also happened when agreed Kurdish House on its candidate for prime Republic endorsed by the Sunni and Shiite blocs.

Spokesman for a coalition united towards reform Dhafer al-Ani reiterated parking Sunni bloc against Maliki’s nomination for a third term as a stand foregone conclusion, but refused to enter Iran, saying that this is an issue purely internal Iraqi.

He expressed the hope that Ani offers the outskirts of the Shiite National Alliance candidate for prime minister acceptable to the other blocks is a program to resolve the crisis, which is not limited to the security aspect but also its dimensions require treatment sectarian political calling to speed up agreement on such a candidate.

Leader of the coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod restored to recall that the coalition is the largest bloc and al-Maliki received a number of votes did not get a quarter of any other politician, and this qualifies him for a third term in response to the popular will as well as the switch commander in the midst of the battle will have serious consequences may lead to the collapse of the Iraqi army, al-Maliki as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and therefore difficult stage next to the commander of need, such as al-Maliki, according to Chihod.

Reuters quoted the Iranian official, who said that al-Maliki is no longer able to maintain the unity of Iraq, said the Shiite cleric, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani supports the opinion of Iran regarding the change of Maliki, but the leader of the coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod ruled to be the reference position against the survival of Maliki third term, saying the insistence Bookmark the elections and choose the most efficient message that they do not mind to be Prime Minister al-Maliki in the next phase as well.

Chihod confirmed that al-Maliki is still candidate of a coalition of state law, the consensus after which he got at a previous meeting of the coalition, pointing out that the President is constitutionally obliged candidate commissioned the largest parliamentary bloc during the constitutional period that was left of them but a few days.

Professor of political science at the University of Baghdad, Hamid Fadel noted the paradox for al-Maliki a high percentage of votes, which gives him a fresh mandate and the opposition widening even from his allies against the survival of a third term and therefore, Iran is not alone, which sees the need to find another alternative, noting the influence of Iran through papers owned by Tehran in Iraq and allow it to be an influential player in the decision Shiite blocs on the next prime minister.

He Academic Hamid Fadhil said Chairman of the National Alliance Shiite and former prime minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, a strong candidate for prime minister instead of al-Maliki, especially as it combines both sides of the equation of ensuring the loyalty of the leaders of the army and security to the Prime Minister by virtue of near-Jaafari of al-Maliki, on the one hand and to meet the demands of the other blocks, including where Sunni and Kurdish that refuse renewal of the owners, from the second.

And saw a political analyst and confident Hashemi said Iran although shaken hands of al-Maliki remains have is obsessed with security implications resulting from the replacement of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces at a time locked in the midst of a major war Iraq and the impact of such a change on the morale of the army and security forces.

He expected to be al-Hashemi Forty-eight hours the next decisive in reaching the outskirts of the Shiite house to agree on a candidate for prime minister.

The Constitution provides that the President assigned the candidate of the largest bloc to form a government within fifteen days from the date of receipt of the functions of the presidency.