The first signs of a split in the Shiite parliament session today .. and the Liberals stresses: Shahristani and Ameri

The first signs of a split in the Shiite parliament session today .. and the Liberals stresses: Shahristani and Ameri us

08/05/2014 (00:01 pm)

The first signs of a split in the Shiite parliament session today and the Liberals stresses - Shahristani and AmeriBaghdad / Wael grace

Although the National Alliance is trying to pre-empt the parliamentary session on Tuesday, consensus on a single candidate for prime minister during a meeting continues until late at night by those concerned, but that several references suggest the difficulty of it, and receive vague on what happens in the House of Representatives, which is supposed to witness the recognition largest bloc, which would cost the president to form a government.
The president of the Liberal bloc parliamentary Zia al-Asadi, confirms in an interview with the “long” that the controversy over the “signature” Nuri al-Maliki and the Declaration of the National Alliance as the biggest bloc, does not make sense, because the man was present at the press conference which was attended by all the leaders of the coalition, and declared themselves the largest parliamentary bloc, before the parliament session, as the same press conference and official document impeccable, pointing at the same time that the masses of Badr and independents (about 50 seats in Maliki’s coalition) have become their positions clear now to reject the third term and a commitment to the need for change , in compliance with the opinion of Najaf reference that you want to open the door to political reform, which was forced to intervene after the deterioration in the country, and the inability of the Shiite parties to get out a clear position, against the demand of local and international conduct review and change.
But a coalition of state law pre-empted the parliament session to issue Monday afternoon, a statement was described as unclear, confirming that he is the biggest bloc, despite acknowledging that he remains an integral part of the mass of the Shiite alliance. The observers noted that the statement remained devoid of any mention of Maliki’s nomination, in the first official sign to the possibility of withdrawing his candidacy, and the first official sign almost, to adherence to the rule of law being the mass of the largest, in a blow and a clear idea of ​​the Shiite alliance standardized, it may be that mean that the Shiites will enter to parliament divided, for the first time since the fall of Saddam Hussein, which was expressed by the President of the Liberal bloc, clearly, when he talked about the option of split and go towards the formation of a new block transient communities, excludes al-Maliki, and share with the Sunnis and Kurds to form a coalition government.
He announced a coalition of state law in his statement, his commitment to “constitutional right”, being the largest parliamentary bloc, rejecting any “overflow” on this right, they returned he was “part of the National Alliance, but is still the biggest bloc.” Said the statement posted on the prime minister, “renews its commitment to the coalition of state law constitutional right as the largest parliamentary bloc in accordance with the constitutional contexts, and overtaking on this constitutional right is unacceptable thing.”
The statement added the phrase involves the paradox of political mysterious, “confirms a coalition of state law because it is part of the National Alliance, although it does not change the fact that a coalition of state law, is the largest parliamentary bloc legally in the House of Representatives, as the National Alliance did not file an official document to Parliament to prove that the largest parliamentary bloc in the day of the first meeting of the Council of Representatives. ”
And wait for the House of Representatives and one of the thorny issues, of identifying the largest parliamentary bloc, in preparation for the President of the Republic commissioned its candidate to form the next government, which is still the debate continues on the subject, between the National Alliance, the coalition of state law, and that after deducting the chair of the Parliament and of the Republic.
In this context, stressed the head of the Liberal Zia al-Asadi, said the National Alliance is the largest bloc in the House of Representatives and not the rule of law, and among the coalition said more than once that the parliamentary bloc of the largest number in the presence of al-Maliki and his signature on the document in this regard, said the National Coalition will take stand out in the event of Maliki’s coalition of the Alliance and will be the biggest bloc in agreement with the other blocs.
Diaa al-Asadi said in debate program aired by the channel “term” space last night, “The reality of the situation .. that a coalition of state law is not the biggest bloc, because he Mndo with the National Alliance.”
And between al-Asadi that “the coalition announced that more than one form through a press conference, the presence of all the leaders, as well as the announcement that the National Alliance is the biggest bloc in a document, The Declaration itself document, and Maliki afternoon press conference and signed the document which are now” and handed over to the chairman of the parliament, dated before the first session.
And on to accuse al-Maliki of the Liberal block of forging his signature on the biggest bloc, said al-Asadi “If the Liberal bloc forged signature Maliki How accept Mr. Jaafari rigging signing Maliki and how to accept the other partners so, there is a sign and a clear and Dr. Jaafari knows this document was submitted to the President of Age in the House of Representatives, and I know Mr Salim al has a copy of this book and reliable in the diagnosis of the largest bloc. ”
He said al-Asadi that “the Speaker of the House is not interested in clarifying the biggest bloc, Vaketlh biggest advertises itself if you find sounds that make up the majority or have been enjoying the sounds of more than the rest of the blocks, it announces itself, not the post of head of the House of Representatives to say this mass is greater than that because he not the point of separation or resolution of, and responsible for inviting the biggest bloc is the President who will address the Speaker of the House about the biggest bloc, and Mr. Salim al-what he knew of the information available to him confirms that the National Alliance is the biggest bloc. ”
He said al-Asadi, “a coalition of state law is the biggest bloc in the event of his release from the National Alliance, as it can not be the biggest bloc, which is part of the National Alliance, is either the rule of law within the coalition and the latter is the biggest bloc, or come out of the coalition and a coalition of state law is the biggest, “noting that” if the state law out of the National Alliance, we will have a position and we will go to the national space and form alliances with other partners, and we can shape the biggest bloc. ”
The al-Asadi said that “partners of Mr. al-Maliki in state law, refuse to state his third, not that we have seen only the National Coalition or the Liberals and the Bloc citizen, Dr. Hussain al-Shahristani and Hadi al-Ameri (50 seats of the state law) say we are with the opinion of reference and with the opinion of the political majority within National Alliance and with the change. confirms al-Asadi that “the National Alliance is ready to deal with any candidate of the rule of law with the exception of al-Maliki,” referring to the names circulating in the media about the replacements for the leader of the Dawa Party, is “inaccurate,” and that “the coalition has not resolved the name of its candidate yet.” .