U.S. importer of oil Kurdish stop to buy because of “the dispute over ownership”

U.S. importer of oil Kurdish stop to buy because of “the dispute over ownership”

01/08/2014 13:57

US importer of oil Kurdish stop to buy because of the dispute over ownershipFollow-up – and babysit – the company announced the U.S. imported oil and Kurdish which was described as “imported mysterious”, on Friday, that it would stop buying crude oil from the Kurdistan region, attributed the reason to “dispute over the ownership.”
The company said the Iondbazl Chemical-owned Ukrainian-born billionaire Leonard Blavatnik it would stop buying oil “disputed” of Iraq and a day after the publication of the report, told Reuters identified as the mysterious American importer of crude Kurdish.

Having published a Reuters report Wednesday, 30 July, in which she said for the first time that the Houston Refining, owned by the Company Iondbazl imported shipments small crude Kurdish heavy that contains a high percentage of sulfur in May confirmed the chemical company it recently bought “limited quantities”, which and described it as “an Iraqi ores.”

Was not immediately clear whether the company also agreed to buy a shipment is estimated at about one million barrels worth 100 million dollars currently carried by the tanker United Kalaverwta off the coast of Texas.

This shipment and became a contentious legal ownership between the Iraqi central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Statement did not refer to Iondbazl’s first public comment on its imports to specific shipments did not contain any direct reference to Kurdistan.

The company said, “This seems to Iraqi crude is currently in dispute on its ownership.” Were not immediately available for comment from a spokesman for the company to clarify what refers to the statement or whether the two previous shipments smaller disputable.

The company added, “We stopped buying more will not agree to take over any of the (shipments) on raw (dispute) pending resolution of the issue properly.”

The decision to stop buying more imports victory for Baghdad, which has stepped up its efforts to discourage refining companies in the world to buy crude pumped by the Kurdistan region.

He warned the officials of the Oil Marketing Iraqis and the U.S. government both wants to transact business with the government of Kurdistan, including sales of oil they will face legal action from Baghdad.

She told Iondbazl The purchases of Iraqi oil came “from a dealer with an international reputation … and consistent with U.S. law.”

The company reported that Blavatnik, who owns his company Access Industries, more than 17 percent in Iondbazl according to data from Thomson Reuters does not know anything about their daily operations.

Blavatnik and a U.S. citizen born in Odessa in Russian-speaking parents and now ranked thirty-third among the richest men in the world after the sale of its stake in T. Said. K – me. Me for Russian oil giant Rosneft, according to Forbes Information

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