Thousands of Kurds vote for “independence” of the province of Kurdistan at the site of the White House

Thousands of Kurds vote for “independence” of the province of Kurdistan at the site of the White House

WEDNESDAY, JULY 30, 2014 12:58

Thousands of Kurds vote for independence of the province of Kurdistan at the site of the White HouseTwilight News / voice of tens of thousands of Kurds from different cities and provinces of Kurdistan put a referendum on the White House Web site in the U.S. twenty-third of July of this on the independence of the province for a month ends in the twenty-second of August next.

Stresses are responsible for the site, the greater the percentage of the vote on this referendum has increased pressure on the White House to support this requirement, or at least tolerated.

According to information seen by “Twilight News”, it is up to the preparation of this news, the number of voters to 36450 people.

According to that information, the percentage of the vote must be up to 100 000 voice to include this demand within the work program of the U.S. government for trading around puppies and take appropriate action.

It is imperative to vote who wants to send his signature and after the link opens allocated to the referendum shows a list of the required information, a name, nickname, e-mail and the inclusion of code allocated to the city where there are Bkordstan.

Koda has been allocated a special referendum in Kirkuk and Dohuk number 36000 42000 and the number of Arbil and Sulaymaniyah number 44000 and Halabja number 46000.

Below that there is a special box placed a check mark and then moving to the position of the signature to pressure him.

After this procedure a few minutes the voter open his e-mail to find that message and its relevance to the site as evidence of the success of the vote.

The escalated rhetoric of the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan after the aggravation of relations between Erbil and Baghdad since the beginning of this year against the backdrop of the failure to reach an agreement to resolve outstanding issues on the draft budget of the Iraqi public and the establishment of Baghdad to cut off the salaries of the staff of the province and Rdalakulaim export oil without the approval of Baghdad, while relations have reached the peak of tension after control of the organization “Daash” large areas of the provinces of Nineveh, Salahuddin, Kirkuk and Diyala and move Alپeshmrگh Kurdish forces to move towards the disputed areas in these provinces to keep them from attacks by al “Daash” by Kurdish officials.

But Baghdad and Arbil, accused of harboring what it called terrorists and wanted and forming operations room to oversee the fighting with the Iraqi forces, which denounced Erbil and promised them a serious transgression.