The emergence of new two holes after hole “end of the world” than scientists puzzled

The emergence of new two holes after hole “end of the world” than scientists puzzled

Posted 30/07/2014 09:15 AM

The emergence of new two holes after hole end of the world than scientists puzzledAfter all the controversy caused by the recent hole “end of the world” in Siberia, scientists here they find themselves in front of another wave of confusion, two holes after the discovery of two new areas of ice in Russia.

Was found recently on the hole in the area of ​​permafrost in northern Russia, and on the second hole in the Taimyr Peninsula, to the east, in the area Kransuiark. Both pits were monitored by persons acting as sponsors for the reindeer, it is likely their downfall.

This comes just days after finding the hole “end of the world”, which added more confusion among scientists.

The hole that was discovered a few days ago after the area about 30 kilometers from the gas field “Bovanenkov” by the leaders of the helicopters has received considerable global attention.

The disclosure of these two new pits, which came up small in terms of diameter, and are alike in terms of shape, to form a new challenge for scientists interested Russians.

They noted in this context newspaper The Saberyan Times that there are several theories behind the factors that may have been the cause of the crater as such interesting and strange: the fall of meteors, missiles, misguided, joke of making some of the people, the product of the work of aliens, cocktail explosive of Methane or a sudden explosion of shale gas.

The newspaper added, “the theory that talk about the melting permafrost region due to climate change, which led to the release of methane gas and then an explosion, is the current favorite theory among scientists, despite reluctance on the submission of a firm conclusion without further studies.”

In an interview with her ​​site URA.RU Mail in Siberia, said Marina Liebman, a great scientists at the Institute of Earth’s ice: “I heard about the second tube in Yamal, area Taz, and looked at the pictures. And no doubt we need to study each of these configurations similar to that of the tube. It is necessary to be able expectation prospects they occur. offers us all a new tube consists of more information that tells us in our research. ”

It is hyper state of confusion that still dominate the experts, geologists, and environmental scientists and historians, one of them said that such drilling does not look like those created by man, nor is it similar to the configurations that occur naturally. As a result, scientists are planning in the area Kransuiark, which is the second largest region in Russia, to further research there.

The Andrei Plekhanov, a senior researcher at the Russian Scientific Center for Research on the Arctic, they are using satellite maps images to determine the timing of this phenomenon occurred, in the presence of estimates say that it occurred during the last year or two.