Zamili rule out the possibility of [the law] in the formation of the federal government anticipated

Zamili rule out the possibility of [the law] in the formation of the federal government anticipated

Monday, July 28, 2014 09:20

Zamili rule out the possibility of the law in the formation of the federal government anticipated[Baghdad – where]

Vice rule out the possibility for the Liberal bloc coalition of state law from the formation of the next government, blaming President of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the responsibility for not applying naming the largest parliamentary bloc to the House of Representatives.

The governor said Zamili told all of Iraq [where] that “the rule of law put himself in an embarrassing situation he can not form a government despite being the largest bloc within the National Alliance to intercept the majority of political blocs it, especially the Sadrists and the Islamic Supreme Council as well as the Kurds and Sunnis” , adding that “each of these blocks stand deduced from the pursuit of state law, not to its admissibility.”

“The president of the National Alliance [Ibrahim al-Jaafari] he has responsibility not to apply announcement of the alliance parliamentary bloc, to the Council of seizures,” but he also said, “but the lack of demand seems unintentional.”

It is said that a disagreement between the political blocs, especially between the forces of the National Alliance on the interpretation of the largest parliamentary bloc, which will cost several constitutional form the next government.

The Chairman of the State of Law coalition of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, signed a request by the National Alliance to [President of the Age] Mehdi al-Hafez includes the consideration of the National Alliance biggest bloc “returned” to submit a paper on an earlier parliament session, or on the date of the session as “incorrect and considered misleading Federal Court and try to looking down on constitutional rights. ”

The [where] has published an official document last Friday obtained from high-level sources in the National Alliance, to suggest that the leaders of the National Alliance, consisting of a coalition of state law and the Liberal block and block the citizen and the alliance of the National Reform and the Alliance of virtue and honest, and signed a document submitted to the President of the Age of the parliament Mehdi Hafiz, as the largest parliamentary bloc in parliament.

And after accusing the president of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari as Takhrfa handed over the document to the presidency of the parliament before the first session, accused the National Reform Movement parties unnamed political within the National Alliance of trying to “rob the right of the” Alliance as the parliamentary majority of the mandate to form the next government, “asserting that” the authenticity of the document, which revealed [where] the declaration of the National Alliance, the largest bloc. ”

The source revealed, representative, last Saturday, that the president Fuad Masum response a request by Nuri al-Maliki states to declare his coalition “state of law” as the largest bloc confirmed receipt of a formal letter from the Presidency of the Council of Representatives provides for the declaration of the National Alliance is the largest parliamentary bloc, and it is approved by it in forming the next government. “ended 2.