Tanker loaded with oil from Iraqi Kurdistan anchored off the port of Texas

Tanker loaded with oil from Iraqi Kurdistan anchored off the port of Texas

28/07/2014 14:05

Tanker loaded with oil from Iraqi Kurdistan anchored off the port of TexasAgencies – official said that a tanker loaded with crude oil from Iraqi Kurdistan currently anchored near the port of Galveston, Texas, and will be subject to a procedural inspection by the U.S. Coast Guard on Sunday before being allowed to unload its cargo.
The tanker flying the flag of the Marshall Islands sailed from the port of Ceyhan in June, destined for the U.S. coast on the Gulf of Mexico, despite Washington’s concerns about oil sales independent of the Kurdish region and the threat of the Iraqi central government.

Andy Kendrick said Coast Guard Petty Officer The unloading of crude may begin later in the day if the tanker passed inspection, “What were not there are other problems.”

Kendrick added that the Coast Guard in touch with the National Security Council and the U.S. State Department and Homeland Security on the arrival of the ship and put it. The tanker load of new pipeline Kurd.

Has been unable to trade sources in Texas and New York, London and Geneva identify buyer load that may tend to any of the refineries located along the coast of the U.S. on the Gulf of Mexico.

The estimated tonnage of the ship by about a million barrels of crude any more than $ 100 million dollars at world prices.

The sale of crude to the refinery Kurdish American to the chagrin of Baghdad, which considers such deals such as smuggling has raised questions about the extent of Washington’s commitment to the prevention of oil sales from the semi-autonomous region.

And crossed the U.S. government expressed concern that sales of oil from Kurdistan may contribute to the dismantling of Iraq at a time when the Baghdad government is struggling to contain the threat of the organization of the Islamic State, who seized large swathes of the country.

But it also expresses disappointment about how to deal with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to the crisis.

And pressed Washington to companies and governments not to buy crude oil from the Kurdistan Regional Government, but did not impose a ban directly to U.S. companies, and the deteriorated relationship between the KRG and Baghdad because of what Kurds say it is the role of al-Maliki in fueling the crisis and protracted conflict on oil sales, and threaten Baghdad to sue any party Order Kurdish oil. G / H