Net: extensive meetings to approve the budget in 2014

Net: extensive meetings to approve the budget in 2014

July 27, 2014 15:29

Net - extensive meetings to approve the budget in 2014BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network ( IMN ) – The Minister of Finance Agency purity of net debt, for important meetings will take place after the holiday of Eid al-Fitr for the declaration of the general budget for 2014, noting that meetings will take into account the length of time the remainder of the fiscal year.

The Net’s ( IMN ), that “the ministry waiting for the formation of parliamentary committees to look into the process of preparing the budget and realistic looks of it citizens, especially since the 2014 budget offered 34 thousand degrees and the new functional and 37 thousand degrees for contractors with the state institutions.”

He explained that “the budget of the most important benefits of the citizen and the government in the development, construction and implementation of the projects, and the lack of adoption of the budget of the previous parliament contributed to disrupt thousands of service projects, health and development.”

And that “the budget for fiscal 2015 Sthoudy great specificity of the state, because of the stalled projects and emergency conditions of the country in the fight against terrorism and the consequent financial benefits.”

And confirmed the advisers in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers behind ( IMN ) earlier , the lack of need for the integration of balancing the budget in 2014 with 2015, because of no clause in the constitution to launch budget two years together .