Liberal and Reform: the denial of the largest bloc “playing with fire”

Liberal and Reform: the denial of the largest bloc “playing with fire” .. and criticism of Najaf for chairs clinging to accelerate alternative

26/07/2014 (00:01 pm)

Liberal and Reform-the denial of the largest bloc playing with fireBAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

She Ktlta the Liberal and National Reform that the components of the National Alliance will not deviate from the invitations reference to nominate a figure acceptable to everyone to head the government, and drew deputies them that the meeting will be held during the day to discuss replacements Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and as confirmed that the National Alliance will abide Baltoukitat constitutional to provide candidate, stressed It is the largest bloc have been sent a document confirming that the Speaker of Parliament, and described the announcement close to the rule of law that they are the largest bloc, “played with fire”.
As they said criticism of the reference in the Friday sermon yesterday, for clinging to their jobs, a message will accelerate the birth of alternative Maliki, sources said that a coalition of state law, began “pushing hysterically,” the parliament speaker Salim al, to announced by the largest bloc, to the extent that an altercation between the head Parliament, and leaders prominent in Maliki’s bloc.
Sources say, that the behavior of the mass-Maliki confirms “it reaches a dead end, because the consensus of leaders of blocs coherent to a large extent on the need for political change, supported by the opinion of the local and international, to find that the change would open the door for political reforms, which become a clear requirement to meet the security flaw terrible in the country, and ensure the unity of Iraq. ”
In this context, an MP from the Liberal bloc Tariq Kikhany in a statement to the “long” that “negotiations within the National Alliance on personal choice which will be nominated to form the next government sustained,” stressing The Alliance is committed to the commandment of reference that has called for the next prime minister, admissibility by all political parties. He continued that “the National Alliance will hold a meeting within days to discuss alternative names and traded for Nouri al-Maliki,” explaining that these negotiations will be crowned to provide a consensus candidate within the National Alliance during the next week to form a government. ”
and added that “there is no agreement on a specific candidate by the National Alliance for his nomination to head the government and are still discussions ongoing, “stressing that the next few days leading up to the submission of our candidate for prime minister from within the National Alliance. explained that” the National Alliance did not agree on who is the block that will provide a candidate for prime minister and the case will be subject to negotiations and consultations, which will expire next week. ” , pointing out that no candidate can not ask for the position of prime minister unless it enjoys the acceptance of the national space. ”
and emphasized that “the mass of the National Alliance, the largest bloc is concerned with the nomination of the prime minister and the parliament voted on after the assignment by the President of the Republic.” To that, the spokesman for the Bloc reform Ahmed Gamal “long” that after the election of the President and the Parliament is imperative for the National Alliance to provide candidate of the political blocs to resolve this matter in accordance with the timings constitutional, “noting that before the President of the Republic period of two weeks to cut the candidate of the largest bloc to form a government. ”
He beauty that “the National Alliance still up for grabs for the candidate for prime minister and still negotiations going on,” blaming the coalition of state law, the responsibility for delaying naming the prime minister, who insists on asking the candidate for this position Nuri al-Maliki, while corresponds to strong opposition and strong by the components of the alliance National and outside. “and noted that” the most prominent of the blocks reject the jurisdiction of Maliki’s third two Ktlta Liberals and the citizen added to the two blocks of national participation in the political process, represented by the Federation of the national forces and the Kurdistan Alliance, “stressing that” the National Alliance will continue talks and will seek all the components of hard to put an agreed candidate on it. “and that” the coalition of all components of political it can not isolate itself from the claim reference repeated speeding up the formation of the government, “explaining that the invitation to the reference in the” Friday sermon not to cling chairs will be reflected positively within the coalition to choose a candidate for prime minister. ”
and added that ” National Alliance Palmdd abide by the constitutional and times “, adding that” the negotiations will lead to a candidate is able to form a consensus government representative of all the political components. ” And on the largest bloc, which will provide its candidate for prime minister, said the leader of the Reform Movement, Ahmad Jamal that “the president of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari feet before the first meeting, which was held on the first of July book for Prime Age Mehdi al-Hafez, stating that the National Alliance will attend the meeting to be considered the largest bloc” .
And that “before this meeting, held the National Alliance and all the leaders held a press conference in which he explained that the largest bloc number,” adding that the statements of some of the blocks on being the largest number, referring to the coalition of state law, represent the process of wrapping politician and played with fire. ”