Maliki is using the judiciary to renew his mandate and equip the Iraqi budget

Maliki is using the judiciary to renew his mandate and equip the Iraqi budget

Posted 23/07/2014 01:44 PM

Maliki is using the judiciary to renew his mandate and equip the Iraqi budgetSources notable change for the channel that Maliki received a decision from the Federal Court as a coalition of state law is the biggest bloc in parliament

Shan is considered the biggest bloc in Maliki’s coalition monopoly on the nomination of the prime minister without reference to the National Alliance, which is one of its components

The source said that al-Maliki to obtain authorization from the Federal Court as the biggest bloc is a stab in the heart of the work, and the mechanics of the National Alliance and a departure from the constants

According to the same source, the Federal Court in response to pressure from al-Maliki and dictations reveal the invalidity of its legitimacy as prime minister during the last session after the high court acknowledged that the National Alliance is the biggest bloc and not the coalition

On the other hand Barzelltgier source said that the Prime Minister expired Nuri al-Maliki finished off on the budget before Iraq adopted, transmitted by Parliament

He described the bypass Maliki’s office on the state budget as the biggest robbery in the history of Iraq, especially the exchange operations are outside financial and legal contexts and without the knowledge of Parliament

He said Maliki’s office hauled up on the amounts allocated in the general budget of the provinces Almentvdh policy on sectarianism

He said al-Maliki allocated about 135 billion Danaraly the so-called People’s Committee of the crowd of volunteers in the Department of Homeland Security / militias /

He disclosed that the committee, which received the amount of Zia Quraishi, who works in the office of al-Maliki composed of Hamid Rashid, director of the Office of National Security Minister Faleh al-Fayad president and chief financial officer Mohsen Salah Bbjna Ahmed pilot and director of the ministry’s information

The source noted that the amount allocated for the crowd Committee is to meet the shortfall in its budget, explaining that a large part of the amount was distributed at Kaataya officials and supervisors to Jinan popular crowd in Baghdad and the provinces randomly and contexts outside of the official exchange without a receipt legal

I learned the change from reliable sources that the Commission received the crowd sectarian thousands of cars from General Automotive Company, including Allbeckb and Alrino and Sunni have been distributed at the supervisors of the committees in the governorates randomly and outside the contexts of receipt to induce them to support the Maliki government