Jubouri: president-elect is on commissioned the largest parliamentary bloc to nominate the next President of the Government

Jubouri: president-elect is on commissioned the largest parliamentary bloc to nominate the next President of the Government

July 22, 2014 13:50

Jubouri - president-elect is on commissioned the largest parliamentary bloc to nominate the next President of the Government[Baghdad – where]

Said House Speaker Salim al, on Tuesday, the third-term Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has not yet entered in the framework of understandings between the political parties, “he said, adding that the president-elect is on commissioned the largest parliamentary bloc that nominated them head the next government.”

In response to a question during a press conference his first since taking office and was attended by the correspondent of the agency all of Iraq [where] for discussions of political blocs in the renewal of the mandate of a third of the owners answered Jubouri, saying “I did not enter this issue within the framework of understandings between the political parties, but so far as busy today this parties is to form a Foundation presidency and this fundamental point that we are embarking upon and we feel that this will be a catalyst in the completion of the process of building state institutions and choose the candidate of Prime Minister. ”

And increased Jubouri that “the parliament session tomorrow which was T_khassaha to choose the president and we will work according to the mechanism set by the law for direct and secret election to choose a candidate for the job.”

He said the “number of applicants for nomination to the presidency of the Republic amounted to more than percent candidate declared controls and foundations related to this nomination,” adding that “the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and the relevant committees engaged now to make those requests in order to move toward selecting a president.”

“We believe that many of the characters that nominated and submitted their names are qualified for this position and feel that people respond and it was believed that they have the qualifying conditions and sufficient to run but is reflecting democracy and serious desire to interact with the law and the service of this country, a phenomenon that healthy and good and will tell Parliament the last word choice through the process of nomination and selection. ”

The Jubouri “I do not want to get into the details of the names of the candidates so this is not a part of the marketing process for any candidate, but it is certain that one of those personalities candidates who are competent and have the political struggle big and they have the ability to manage multiple files, including the presidency and will inform the Iraqi people that names because we are going to adopt a mechanism for publishing the names according to the law through the official website of the House of Representatives at the end of the day we will be telling all those names when published on the official website of the Board and will inform also the candidates and the right of any of them did not show his name to apply according to the mechanisms established to challenge the statement of reasons that have prevented it. ”

Said House Speaker Salim al “The President of the Republic will stand in front of him when he is elected, a key task claim the largest parliamentary bloc to submit its candidate for prime minister to form a government Itensy him and this matter is vested in the President of the Republic.”

“We look at all the candidates on an equal footing and this is the prevailing view of all political parties and therefore there will be legitimate competition and everyone offers autobiographical and we will talk about in front of the parliament.”

He pointed to “the existence of the conditions placed in the framework of the law relating to the election of the President of the Republic, which can not be overcome including those related to age and this case we consider a fundamental issue is not available when this conditions specifically had no right at all in the competition, as well as with respect to the testimony and academic achievement and measures of accountability and justice and fairness and limitation of criminal. ”

He revealed Jubouri for “The Presidency of the Council of Representatives sent yesterday wrote to those competent departments to examine and review the resumes of the candidates and will be handed over today’s answers are sufficient and adequate for the candidates and we do not want to offer any candidate unless he fulfills the conditions stipulated by the law.”

He continued, “There are also other conditions may be associated with the nature of the archives should be offered and the CV and this issue can be known through continuous communication with each candidate, but will not provide any candidate tomorrow within the parliament unless he fulfills the conditions stipulated by the law and will not go beyond and will not slacken in these conditions because it is a basic and Hohria in nomination for the presidency of the Republic. ”

He stressed that “when the closed door of the nomination did not receive any request from any person, and there will be room for this side note that the periods laid out in the law, according to the trading that took place with the Federal Court received Kan orders within three days and we have no intention of receipt of any request another after the deadline for this purpose. ”

The head of the House of Representatives, “We should not forget We already know that the country is going through circumstance is difficult and the process of completing the Designation of the President of the Republic and then choose a prime minister based on the demand from the biggest bloc of Thompsah candidate for the position to say that this issue is important to us, and the observer and the witness on the security situation all hope in to find a way out of what the country is going through. ”

He denounced Jubouri “acts despicable that targeted Christians in Mosul and innocent people in several provinces and had the effect of large numbers of displaced people and displaced and the targeting process, which has not been at all the jealousy and Iraqi national, which does not reflect the morality of the Iraqis in dealing with some of them and look at what has been the process of targeting the Msheian and innocent, We condemn these acts that should be facing deterrence and this can only be through democratic institutions recognized are selected will be launched when the presidency and then as prime minister. ”

And the work of the House of Representatives in the new session between Jubouri “We have a number of Alaolulyat which we will adopt in the next phase is perhaps the most prominent restore the political process and democracy back on track and there are a number of key legislation and the vital stand in the forefront of the financial budget, which awaits the Iraqi street, and we will proceed to form temporary committees for consideration by the and taking the opinion of the executive bodies regarding the budget will be done directly and accurately. ”

“As we have a serious desire to open the prospects of joint cooperation with all authorities and we had a day to meet a direct and frank with the head of the judicial authority of the Federal Medhat al-Mahmoud and another meeting with the executive, we feel that this cooperation between the three authorities is judged our course for the next phase and determines our goals and we want to create a state of harmony and integration based on respect for the authorities and cooperate with each other during the next phase and there Tfahamat got not only between the parliament and the judiciary, but with the executive also, especially with regard to legislation that have bush financial and we want to complete all preliminary approvals until we begin the process of legislation ” .

Noting there and having “difficulties that may confront us after the enactment of the law, which arise from the executive and we want to overcome this dilemma through the formation of joint committees between the parliament and the government and We will take all existing legislation to that of the Joint Commission and provide such legislation after obtaining approvals full it to parliament within legislative mechanism in place inside and that we will have passed the problematic dilemma or challenge the law was enacted after we take this issue into account and we talked it out with the head of the judiciary and with some of the parties in the executive branch. ended