National is likely to keep al-Maliki as prime minister and the bench and star-Shahristani and al-Jaafari and Abdul-Mahdi and Chalabi

National is likely to keep al-Maliki as prime minister and the bench and star-Shahristani and al-Jaafari and Abdul-Mahdi and Chalabi


National is likely to keep al-Maliki as prime minister and the bench and star-Shahristani and al-Jaafari and Abdul-Mahdi and ChalabiBAGHDAD / .. National Alliance is likely to reach an agreement on the choice of an alternative to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for the position of head the next government, while stressing a coalition of state law that he adheres to the state’s third owners.

A member of the Coalition of quitting for ” eye Iraq News “that the coalition reached an agreement emphasizes the lack of Maliki took the next government.

He added that this agreement has been treated by the de facto coalition of state law because most of the components of the National Alliance against Maliki’s nomination for a new term as well as the non-acceptance of the political partners in the Kurdistan Alliance and the Alliance of the national forces and a coalition of national jurisdiction third.

He said the coalition of state law began to think by asking replacements for al-Maliki, according to our information, has been put up office manager Maliki Tarek Najm, Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain al-Shahristani and president of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari either the National Coalition, which includes the Liberal bloc and a coalition of citizen, he will nominate the vice president resigned just Abdul-Mahdi and the National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi for prime minister, adding that the Liberal bloc abandoned the post of first deputy chairman of the parliament in return for the Deputy Prime Minister or the Republic as well as portfolios because this election event.

He said the coalition of state law, he stood by the nomination of President Nuri al-Maliki to lead the next government. A member of the coalition, Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri, we adhere to a state law Bmarchana only for prime minister, al-Maliki because we feel it is best placed to lead the next phase as well as an election event therefore may not be jumping on the voters who elected Maliki.

He explained that we stick Maliki came for several reasons, including that he is the right man to resolve the ongoing fighting with terrorism because it has fully familiar to matters of security ministries and leaders of the military and also because he is the owner of the largest seats in parliament, and this gives him the right to state the third as well as possession of experience in the management of the state has been on his eight years has sustained experimentally.

He pointed out that Yasiri, there are conversations going on between the parties of the National Alliance on candidates and there are leaks about the alternative names of the owners, but all of them are incorrect.

They confirmed the mass of virtue that there are several names being circulated within the National Alliance for prime minister. A member bloc Susan Saad for ” eye Iraq News , “There are a number of names submitted by various components of the coalition being discussed these days has seen the coming days and announced the names of al-Maliki.

They pointed out that when the Alliance criteria selected by the next prime minister, including that regaining political consent and be able to lead the country towards safety as well as the acceptance of the regional and global level, noting that it is the right of any block within the coalition to provide the names of the candidates and that the dialogues and consensus enough to choose the candidate most suitable of the country.

The detection of the Reform Movement in the WIN National Alliance for the existence of an agreement between the political blocs to resolve the presidents and ministers.

A member of the current Hilal Hussein Sahlani in a statement followed the ” eye Iraq News “that the political process will run in the election cycle current better than the previous one has passed the first step in the formation of the three presidencies, the selection of the Presidency of the Parliament to be after the election of the new President of the Republic, which will cost the candidate of the largest bloc to form the next government. ended 3