Washington’s intervention on the line of the debate on the choice of the Kurdish president

Washington’s intervention on the line of the debate on the choice of the Kurdish president

Posted 20/07/2014 08:00 AM

Washingtons intervention on the line of the debate on the choice of the Kurdish presidentKurdish source said that Mrs. Hero Ibrahim Ahmed Khan are still insisting on excluding d. Barham Salih, from running for the presidency. According to information received from the headquarters of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Sulaimaniyah, said Hiro asked Barham Saleh submit his resignation from the party as a condition for agreeing to his candidacy for the presidency of the Republic!

It adds information from Kurdistan that the controversy over the nomination, Barham Saleh, the governor of Kirkuk Necmettin cream for the presidency of Iraq turned into a big problem portends Banhqaqat true in the structure of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, because of the Hero Khan Ahmed Governor of Kirkuk and its refusal to Barham Salih, while the circles of leadership in the National Union began twisting and wriggling administration of Ms. Hero Ahmed Khan under the leadership vacuum is the largest of its kind in the history of the party after an absence of familiarity with Jalal Talabani!

Kurdish sources in Sulaimaniya says that U.S. pressure on Hero Khan Ahmed began last night as it has been informed that the U.S. administration with providing Barham Salih, a candidate for the presidency, given to enjoy the benefit of the advantages of administrative, political and charismatic figure and he has held important positions in the Planning and Deputy Prime Minister of the federal government twice and a member of the Supreme Economic Committee in Maliki’s government the first in addition to chairing the ministry Kurdish-time international relations and the broader Arab!

Phone U.S. compressor, who arrived Ms. Hero Khan Ahmed assured her that the governor of Kirkuk would be his shocking to the expectations of the Iraqi and even Arab and international being a man is known in addition to his specialization in the field of Neurology does not qualify to be able to control the pace or the nerves of the political process frayed or midwife tension In the coming period due to political and security developments scalable in the foreseeable future despite the fact that the man and says U.S. documents highly respected U.S. administrations as playing the role of mediator in the seventies in the development of the relationship and the Patriotic Union of familiarity Jalal Balomercan while he was staying in Washington that period.