Hole “end of the earth” appear in Russia .. and scientists disagree on the cause

Hole “end of the earth” appear in Russia .. and scientists disagree on the cause

07/18/2014 17:36

Hole - end of the earth appear in Russia and scientists disagree on the causeAgencies – appeared mysterious giant hole in the far north of Russia in the more isolated areas of the country, researchers began investigating them.
According to the online “newspaper Observatory” on Friday, the Russian television said the government was not clear why the appearance of the hole diameter of up to 100 meters.

Was photographed from the air in the pit area, “Yamal”, which in the local language means “end of the earth”, where temperatures drop to 50 degrees Celsius below zero, and the sun barely appear in the winter.

It is scheduled to go mission, to collect samples of soil and water from the site, and will include two researchers from the Center for the Study of the Arctic, based in Siberia and the world of Russian Academy of Sciences.

The “Yamal” one of the richest regions of Russia with natural gas, were found on the hole near the gas field Bovanntsky, which led to speculation that it may have resulted from an explosion underground, and that has raised everyone’s attention towards the hole huge that there is no specific information about the reason for their appearance, but went to some experts that there is a “scientific explanation” for this phenomenon.

A spokesman for the Emergencies Ministry in Russia that is not what caused the hole meteor bombardment, but at the same time is not an explosion of man-made, and scientists expect here are several reasons for the occurrence of the pit.

Some said that global warming is the reason behind the explosion, which caused high temperatures on the ground in that region of permafrost melting in the emission of gases and underground, leading to increased pressure, and then the explosion.

And went other scientists that the reason that this particular area of ​​the most active areas of geology on the ground, and contains the largest natural gas reserves in the world, while others felt that the crater caused due to the so-called phenomenon of “Bingo,” a rush of a block of ice from the underground to surface, where the melt, leaving a hole behind.

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