Lebanese newspaper: Maliki will withdraw his candidacy soon as prime minister under pressure

Lebanese newspaper: Maliki will withdraw his candidacy soon as prime minister under pressure from the reference

July 17, 2014 14:35

Lebanese newspaper - Maliki will withdraw his candidacy soon as prime minister under pressure from the reference[Follow-up – where]

Lebanese Al-Akhbar newspaper said that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will soon announce the withdrawal of his nomination as prime minister for a third term, after pressure from religious authority.

According to the newspaper in the title of her [Maliki filed presidency soon] “It seems that Iraq is weary political crisis suffocating, has come out of the bottleneck, after the completion of Parliament mission to vote to choose the speaker and his two deputies, political consensus, and the resolution of the Kurdish Alliance command of the candidates for the presidency.”

She added that “the crisis between the components of the National Alliance on the one hand, and between the coalition and other political blocs on the other hand, are also reached an end, as glimpsed political sources of high-level within the National Alliance, to the existence of an agreement Annie to give al-Maliki from running for prime minister, as opposed to grant the coalition of state law, positions and sovereign ministries, the resolution of the first to nominate the leader of the Dawa Party, Haider Abadi, a first deputy speaker of parliament. ”

The newspaper quoted Lebanese what it called an informed source from within the National Alliance, attended several meetings of the top leaders of the National Alliance, said that “al-Maliki will announce his withdrawal from the candidacy for prime minister soon, and Sesame candidate who is supported, in agreement with the leaders of the National Alliance,” noting that “the political situation the verge of a breakthrough, but it depends on the success of the security and the military. ”

The source pointed out, “not to abandon the coalition of state law on the right to nominate a prime minister, in light of regional conspiracies against Iraq, which aims to replace some of them by force Maliki. According to the newspaper.

The source added to the newspaper, the Lebanese that “the National Alliance understands the importance of the envelope announcing the naming its candidate for prime minister, was to convince the religious authority and other parties in this matter, in reference to Maliki’s refusal announcement abandoning the presidency, and the naming of his successor, what did not achieve military victories and security on the ground “.

She said the news of the Lebanese that “the National Alliance is facing great pressure by the religious authority in Najaf, the Iraqi street, which concerned the coming days, in light of a political vacuum large, in addition to international pressure calling for the need to achieve political consensus and the formation of a new government, to start with the help of Iraq In his war against terrorist organizations. ”

She added that “a delegation representing the State of Law coalition, conducted this week, a series of contacts and meetings with references and religious representatives, to inform them of the situation which requires them Declaration of the new president, or the departure of al-Maliki from running, so after a day on the spread of information confirming advice Tehran for the owners of non adherence to the premiership , in spite of their eligibility and his coalition with the highest percentage of votes in the recent parliamentary elections. ”

She said that “the information confirmed that al-Maliki took the advice, but he wants to delay the announcement until such time as achieving military victories on the ground, to deliver a message to regional countries that watching a moment of change-Maliki to promote the phenomenon of change of prime minister in Iraq, under the pressure of arms.”

Quoted News Lebanese member of a coalition of state law, Salman Hassan, saying that “a coalition of state law has not replaced Maliki yet,” but he also said, “but there is flexibility by leaders to conduct dialogues with other parties, and to identify the real reasons for opposing Maliki by senior political blocs ”

Hassan added that “the leaders of the National Alliance hold meetings almost daily, and have succeeded in achieving important agreements, led to the naming parliament speaker and his two deputies.”

In the meantime, the source pointed out from inside the coalition of state law – and to speak to the newspaper – to put forward nominations for a new prime minister, but the coalition insists on adherence and commitment to naming the new prime minister.

The source told the News that “the nominations of new, in the case of agreement to exclude al-Maliki, recede between Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Tarek Najm,” denying the existence of any options or proposals other than by the components of the coalition, at a time in which he expressed some members of the Liberal block of the Sadrist movement, their attachment to the support any candidate from outside the rule of law. “ended