Washington reveal hidden: nominate Maliki and turned to everyone

Washington reveal hidden: nominate Maliki and turned to everyone

Posted 09/07/2014 09:31 AM

Washington reveal hidden - nominate Maliki and turned to everyoneLengthy testimony by one of the U.S. policy makers, work for years in the corridors of the Green Zone and the Baghdad embassy,

He resigned as mentioned, after a month of Nuri al-Maliki for a second term. It regards as one of the leading American papers that have been disclosed in a new Iraq. They absorb the most prominent joints controversy approach al-Maliki, and provide important details about the way they look at things through the Americans, and how do they differ, and the factors that impose a final opinion within the institutions of conflict resolution. ”

Maliki knew, or Abu Isra as close to him call him. When he was a member of al-Maliki is known in Parliament, I was among the few Americans in Baghdad who are receiving phone calls from him. In 2006 helped in its submission to the U.S. ambassador and recommended it as an option promising for prime minister. In 2008, you arrange medical evacuation when suffering from a disease and accompanied him for treatment in London and I used to spend 18 hours a day with him in Wellington Hospital. In 2009, pressed the ruling families skeptical in the region in order to support the Maliki government.

But by 2010, I urge the U.S. vice-president and senior White House officials to withdraw their support for the owners, where I realized that his survival in power will create an authoritarian government and sectarian and divisive tear the country apart and destroy American interests, but that America has maintained, with the result that we are facing today Andhara strategically in Iraq and possibly in the entire Middle East.

. Maliki and was a friend. Echtberna was about U.S. plans for the Middle East, and Atzlv to in order to learn more about the corridors of the Green Zone. Those were the days of early exhausted

Then disaster struck, during the mandate of the short-Jaafari ethnic tensions escalated sectarian disastrously. He was Shiite leaders are preparing new plans revenge of the year, resulting in a terrifying stories of torture, rape and other abuses

After the bombing of a Shi’ite shrine in Samarra in February 2006. Jaafari initially rejected American proposals to impose a curfew after the Samarra bombing, and insisted that the citizens need to vent about what Eekptonh, allowing a civil war and ethnic cleansing as an actor. Washington decided that a change of leadership was necessary. After the referendum on the constitution in December 2005, the officials checked the U.S. Embassy in the Iraqi elite in search of the commander can crush Shiite militias backed by Iran, and the fight against al Qaeda and unify under the banner of the Iraqi national government and the University. Maliki was the only person that we believe that he has a chance to gain the support of all Iraqi factions, and it seems to us a vital leader. We thought that it would be acceptable to the Shia Islamists, and almost half of the population;

I’ve Bells and other colleagues to discuss the options with the American ambassador, Zalmay Khalilzad, who in turn encourage national leaders skeptical desperate to support al-Maliki. Initially surprised by Maliki, who was head of a small block of parliamentarians Mounashidat U.S. but took the opportunity and became prime minister in 20 Maes 2006, vowed to lead a strong Iraq united.

Maliki was the official ruling of Iraq, but with the perpetuation of the momentum of the U.S. forces in 2007, and the arrival of Ambassador Ryan Crocker and General David Petraeus to Baghdad, there is no doubt of the saves of the collapse of the Iraqi state. Crocker and Petraeus Maliki meet every day for several hours over nearly two years. Unlike its rivals,

After that Maliki initially opposed arming and funding the Sunni fighters, he relented after intense pressure from Crocker and Petraeus, but on the condition that Washington pay the bill. Then he agreed to recruit and fund some tribal fighters, but it was not in a lot of promises to them where to leave them unemployed and disaffected, and susceptible to extremism.

After that he settled in power by 2008, and with the quiet northern half of the country, al-Maliki was progressing in his work and hold meetings with President George W. Bush via closed-circuit television. During these meetings, intimate that we would sit quietly in front of the screen which, al-Maliki was often complain of not having enough of the constitutional powers and a hostile parliament, while Bush was urging him to be patient and shows him to deal with the U.S. Congress has not been easy.

However, al-Maliki did not facilitate things always, after he was charged in the conspiracy theory of the prosecution during the decades before Saddam’s intelligence service, became convinced that his rival Moqtada al-Sadr was trying to undermine it.

. With a pledge Obama administration to end the war, Bush “stupid”, with due attention to the ongoing global economic crisis, took the Maliki opportunity and began a concerted campaign to destroy the Iraqi state and replace it with his office and private party, where he expelled commanders professionals and replacing them with others loyal to him, and forced the head of the Iraqi judiciary on prevent rivals from participating in the elections of March 2010. After the announcement of the results and the loss of al-Maliki in front of the coalition of Western-backed moderate (Iraqi) which was comprised of representatives of all ethnic groups – major sectarian, the Chief Justice issued a ruling granting Maliki another chance to form a government, adding to tensions and violence.

During a meeting in Baghdad with a delegation from the Council on Foreign Relations after the 2010 elections shortly, al-Maliki insisted that the elections had been rigged by the United States and Britain and the United States and Saudi Arabia. During our exit from the wing prime minister told me one executives – and the father of one of the marines – wondering: “Do you sacrifice the U.S. forces herself to keep this (….) in power?

Along with the political crisis for several months, I was asked the new ambassador, James Jeffrey, to return to Baghdad to mediate between Iraqi factions. Then I was shocked when I saw that most of the success achieved for sustaining the momentum has dissipated at the hands of al-Maliki and other Iraqi leaders. For their part, the Kurds wondered how it could remain part of Iraq is unable to cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of his own people since the eighties?

Hair Sunni Arabs, who are over internal divisions to form a coalition with the secular Iraqi Shiites and Kurds, Turkmen, Christians, angry at being asked to relinquish the premiership after pummeling the base and win the election. Even leaders of the Shiite Islamists have expressed dissatisfaction with the course of the Iraq under al-Maliki, with the launch of the chest title of “tyrant” it, and perhaps worst of all, the United States no longer consider him as an honest broker.

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