Alliance tends to Maliki’s nomination for prime minister

Alliance tends to Maliki’s nomination for prime minister

9/7/2014 0:00

Alliance tends to Malikis nomination for prime ministerA consensus to reject the postponement of the parliamentary session .. and calls to speed up the formation of the government to confront the terror
of Baghdad – the morning
after he failed the House of Representatives in its first session on the first of July to carry out the duties for the application of Article 55 of the Constitution in the selection of the Speaker and his deputies, renewed hopes for Iraqis see this article Constitutional light in the second session, set by the President of the Age on the eighth of July, as the Constitution Select (15) days to resolve the issue.
wounded Iraqis frustrated and disappointment of parliamentary performance is in charge after deciding to head Age through consultations and contacts with the heads of blocs Political postpone the session eighth of July to the twelfth of August next and the country is in a relaxed and safe and there is no security threats of terrorist external and internal’d plaguing the country and destroy everything in it.
remained observers to significant political follow the events on this session Moadh before they see the light, It was to remedy the matter to change the advertised date to the thirteenth of July for convening this meeting with the expectations of non-quorum and postponed until after the Eid al-Fitr.

session unaccounted for

since last Monday evening loud calls of blocs and political figures in the rejection of a postponement of the hearing, so that a lot of Deputies questioned the agreement of the blocks on this postponement in light of the large number of statements rejecting this matter and asked the president to the teeth of the Parliament to clarify the matter.
what led to the President of the Age of the parliament Mehdi al-Hafez, that determines the next Sunday a new date for the convening of the parliament session for the nomination of the members of the three presidencies, Although this statement is obvious, but the Al-Hafiz said, “It is certain of a lack of quorum necessary for the holding of new parliamentary session.” He rejected the National Alliance and the Islamic Dawa Party and advocacy organization inside and other parties as well as political figures from within the components of the National Coalition and other components and demanded commitment Baltoukitat constitutional and respect and not to jump on them in order to gain the spoils of self at the expense of the nation, which is under the fiercest terrorist attack in history, threatening its existence and of his being. and objected to the MP for the mass citizen Hamdiya Husseini, the decision of the President of the Age of the parliament Mehdi al-Hafez postponement of the second session and said by (Article 55) of the Constitution shall not be entitled to House Speaker older to postpone the hearing for a long time because this breach of legal and constitutional. said in a statement that “the Iraqi people look to the new parliament elected as the savior of the problems and obstacles that afflict the time being at all levels, political, security, economic, social and even regional., and indicated that the non-elected three presidencies reduce this time is incompatible with the directives of the Supreme Religious Authority.

presidential candidate

and after The leaked a lot of media statements from a number of prominent parliamentary presence of the exchange sites between the candidates of the Kurds and the Sunnis for the positions of president and parliament and picked up news sources many of the statements the news about the move and the delegations of the bloc to the Kurdistan region to consult on this matter and resolve the issue of the candidates of the presidential sites confirmed the Kurds adherence to the position of President of the Republic and not waived. require constitutional contexts to settle the subject of the presidency of parliament in the first session, but the political blocs held that the nomination of the three presidencies in one basket, which means that these blocks waiting for the National Coalition candidate for prime minister, while the other blocs did not resolved the subject of its candidate for the positions of the presidential other is a indication to the presence of Sneak between these blocks expels compatibility and impede the functioning of the political process.
Reflecting stuck Kurds the post of President of the Republic stressed the former spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance, pro-Tayeb said in press statements that the political forces empowered the President of Kurdistan, the announcement of the presidential candidate the Republic of Iraq for the next session. confirms this authorization that all the leaks that have appeared in earlier, is the leaks are inaccurate and that the Kurdistan Alliance adheres to the presidency as an entitlement constitutionally. said a member of the Kurdistan Alliance Mahma Khalil, said that the Kurdistan Alliance will not waive his right to the presidency of the Republic. Khalil added to the Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network, that “the presidency of the Republic is the natural right of the Kurds, and there are no differences within the Kurdish House and among its parties.” and denied a member of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman, and there is no intention by the Kurds to give up the post of President of the Republic. Indicating that the Sunni Arabs will retain the position of Chairman of the Board of Representatives. Osman said the Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network, said that “all the Kurdish parties sticking to the position of President of the Republic and bent it, and there is no agreement or any concessions otherwise.”
and added that “the agreements are still absent and there are no dialogues in the true sense and blocs is not the level of responsibility.”

Presidency Minister
in the earlier meeting of the National Alliance identified as prime minister to block the biggest parliamentary within the Alliance, a State of Law bloc, which won 95 parliamentary seats, and after this selection of the block elder within the National Alliance, called the State of Law coalition candidate Nouri al-Maliki as the sole candidate for prime minister, which is controversial with Other ingredients, which insists on replacing Maliki another candidate of the cluster itself.
came to confirm the reference yesterday that there was no red lines direction candidate for prime minister in furtherance of a coalition of state law and adhere to the candidate through only has confirmed member of a coalition of state law, Ali Fayad, that there is information to indicate support for the coalition National nomination of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for a third term.
said the Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network, said that “some of the blocks of the view that Maliki’s nomination for prime minister from the requirements phase, as it has the ability and knowledge-led security forces, to counter the threat of attacks by gangs Daash terrorist and expelled outside the borders.”
confirmed member of a coalition of state law, Mohammed Chihod, that more than 175 MPs from different political parties are supporting the third term to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

presidency of the parliament

elect a speaker and two deputies are the first step in the continuation of the political process and progress, which was supposed to be deducted from the session Alaolh but not agreement Sunni component on a specific candidate for this position is what led to the postponement of the first session, and breach of a quorum after the break consultation that toppled the hearing.
after this session featured many statements about the candidates for this position, but it seems that the matter has been settled after announcing that Najafi withdrew his candidacy for the position in favor of MP Salim al, which is the admissibility and wide, but the problem of the Sunni and the unresolved candidate reappeared on the surface of the political scene again after it was amended Najafi withdrew his candidacy to show the four candidates for the site of a single component, and while agreeing on a specific name we’ll be waiting hold a hearing questionable is right.

exclude the formation of presidencies

in the light of this political scene complexity seems that is the formation of the three presidencies soon not included in the agendas of Iraqi politicians
have ruled out the former deputy from the coalition united to repair unit Jumaili, on Tuesday, to be composed of the three presidencies During the period the next few.
explained in a statement, “The formation of the three presidencies needs a consensus among the winning blocs,” afterthought “but ruled out the possibility that this is done during the next few days,” noting that “the slider that Iraq is going through a very dangerous and is more like a holocaust for the country and for the people, “asking” the political parties to provide concessions and out of the aura of power and gains to speed up the formation of a government able to pull the country out of this crisis. ”

scenario after the postponement

There are several possible scenarios for the next session, which is expected to have a lot of non achieved a quorum for the session, but the insistence of the biggest bloc in parliament, and their intention to attend may achieve a quorum because it has 173 deputies, which increases to achieve a quorum, even in the absence of the other blocs But can this block in the event of this scenario elected presidency Parliament temporary stroll things until agreement blocks on the presidential positions? .