Allawi: Americans resent me because of the severe monetary policies

Allawi: Americans resent me because of the severe monetary policies


Allawi - Americans resent me because of the severe monetary policiesPrime Minister of the former Iraqi d. Iyad Allawi said he had submitted two initiatives they «complementary» to resolve the situation in his country, the first and the second inside Iraq to neighboring countries.

He explained in an interview with Al-Qabas that his contacts severed two years ago with the U.S. administration, why reference to «my criticisms severe for them because of their policy or the lack of a plan to have after that shot down the state, not the power (the power of Saddam)».

He stressed his commitment to the development of a road map for his country before the formation of the government, which she said «come after fraudulent elections».

● In your opinion, what is the solution for Iraq would emerge from the crisis?

– After the arrival of the situation in Iraq and the region to the complexities and tensions and infighting, the solution has become difficult, but not impossible. We are the only ones (National Bloc) who we get two initiatives are complementary, the first meeting of Iraqi leaders who received important centers since 2004, as well as the leaders of the coalitions Home, to discuss issues twin under the road map, one national reconciliation in all its dimensions, which does not exclude anyone except terrorists and thieves of public money, and including So prepare for a constitutional review, and other building state institutions outside the frames of sectarian quotas, and to give priority to the construction of the internal security forces and the armed forces.

The second is the formation of a government of true national unity, the main part of which the electrodes, and the other part technocrats to walk things SOA, to resign after calming the situation.

The role of neighboring countries

The proposed CMOS is to invite neighboring countries (Kuwait, Turkey, Iran, Jordan and Saudi Arabia) to protect Iraq’s borders from terrorists, and non-interference in its internal affairs and to ensure the stability and progress of the countries active in the region (conference similar to the Sharm el-Sheikh initiated Him in 2004).

Drop out of the U.S. administration

● Do you have contacts with the American administration to contain the situation?

– Not with the administration, but with the Senate, administration weeks ago seeking to meet me after the outage hit two years for reasons unknown to me, but Ahzaretha in my criticisms severe for them because of their policy or that there is no plan to have after being shot down by the state, not the power (the power of Saddam).

● Where did the consultations to form a new government?

– The administration want to rush to set up haphazardly and in light of the election results counterfeit, and we want a road map is agreed upon in advance, to abide by any government formed to ensure international, and again there is a consensus Iranian American to form a government first, and this is a pity that the sovereign decision became taken in capitals is the capital of Iraq.

State of Kurdistan

● Are you flayed with the Kurds and the establishment of an independent state?

– The issue is complex, and the interventions and interventions are many, and through my relationships closeup with Kurdish leaders, led by the brother Massoud Barzani was clear that they suffer from the actions of the central government, as in the failure to enact the law of oil and gas in Iraq, did not enact the law of the distribution of wealth Finance in Iraq, and this exists in the Constitution, as well as the ongoing wrangling over allocation of the Kurdistan region, and the mudslinging and the lack of dialogue .. The most dangerous is the withdrawal of the army from some provinces and asked the government to enter the leadership of the Kurdistan Peshmerga.

The frank dialogue with a specific fraternity Kurds required nationally, and the adoption of the laws mentioned will ease the tension.