National Alliance: Prime Minister’s entitlement to state law

National Alliance: Prime Minister’s entitlement to state law

7/1/2014 0:00

National Alliance - Prime Ministers entitlement to state lawParliament held its first session today amid lack of agreement on the candidates of the presidents and deputies
Baghdad morning Shaima Rashid
passed the National Alliance, yesterday, officially to be prime minister of entitlement to the rule of law as a bloc winning the largest number of seats in the National Alliance, as it prepares Council Today the House of Representatives held its first session amid difficult security conditions and the lack of agreement on the candidates of the presidents and deputies. Despite the continuation of meetings within the main blocs to choose their candidates, but mystery still surrounds the scene in this regard, he stressed the political failure of the blocks to an agreement on the candidates and they need more time, Marjaheen to witness today’s session sworn only. Did not enjoy the names put forward by the Kurdish component for occupancy as president they Barham Salih and Fuad Masum, the governor of Kirkuk Necmettin cream, and the candidate of the Sunni component for the position of chairman of the parliament, Salim al or Osama Najafi formal declaration regarding these names. said a member of a coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod for “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network” : “The decision of the components of the National Alliance entitlement to state law, for the post of prime minister arranges a coalition responsibility not to object to any candidate backed by state law for the position until today does not exist any candidate for the post, only the President of the Coalition Nuri al-Maliki.” He explained that state law presented its candidate for prime minister and to other political blocs to submit their nominations for the posts of presidents and deputies.
extensive details …

waiting for the day that reunited Iraqi Council of Representatives to move the democratic process in Iraq forward united in the same time terrorist acts carried out by armed groups in a number of areas of Iraq to impose a fait accompli and obstruction This march taking place in Iraq and is intended to stop so as not to radiate throughout the region.
, and after he called Vice President Dr. Khodair al last Thursday elected representatives who has them authenticate the Federal Court, voices from various parliamentary blocs forefront of many of the proposals, including the postponement of This session, which select the timing in accordance with the constitutional procedures on the first of July Mtekzen on the repercussions of the security situation.

experience of other parliamentary

experience today’s parliamentary It is not a new video experience and is no stranger to the Iraqi citizen and Observers of significant political, where he used everyone in previous years to go to the parliament session after the first that is to agree on the names of candidates for the three presidencies outside parliament, and in the time that is supposed to spin these discussions interoperability within the parliament and not in closed rooms which are limited to the number of characters parliamentary.
leading in many cases to enforce securities pressure of this mass on the other blocs to gain self or seeking to block the formation of the government, as happened in the 2010 elections, which continued the throes of forming a government after more than eight months.
Observers believe that the current situation and the suffering of the Iraq conspiracy external terrorist attack fierce requires everyone to unite and collaboration and put aside their differences and speed up the formation government, especially after the picture emerges of the biggest bloc of parliament, which it named its candidate for prime minister in the light of the constitutional contexts.
has announced the National Alliance officially parliamentary bloc biggest “173 seats out of 328 seats in parliament,” to have a constitutional right to nominate its candidate for prime minister.


see some of the political blocs in the province of the first session of the parliament stand distancing by itself what will happen in this session forgetting it, and from the first moment of the crisis called for invitations counted Prime Minister coup against the constitution and the encroachment of the electoral benefit, called upon the figures parliamentary to the formation of other blocs beyond the mantle of the blocks dominant that wants to impose its will on the political scene in Iraq, either by bypassing the elections or to circumvent the Constitution.
was announced days before the formation of the Union of the national forces which came out of the mantle are united and announced the nomination of Representative Salim al for the presidency of the parliament instead of Osama Najafi, who insists united to his nomination for a second term for the presidency of the parliament with the refusal to renew the mandate of the owners of the prime minister.
said the winning candidate for a coalition of national Adnan Aldenbos that his coalition will not attend the first session of parliament next Tuesday. expressed Aldenbos in a press statement about his wishes to provide security for the Iraqi people and the formation of a government of national unity, indicating that “he should be on the political parties to take the interests of the country above their personal interests and try to avoid the mistakes of the past and the elimination of sectarianism.”
and added that “members of a coalition of national, led by Iyad Allawi, will not attend the parliament session because there have something to stop them, which is that there are calls for an agreement on three presidencies before entering the dome of the parliament and the search for solutions is quiet, then can attend parliament sessions. ”
and criticized member of a coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati, the boycotters of the parliament session, explaining that he ‘is not correct to boycott parliament session, because it’s a negative message went to the people that the members of parliament will continue in the province toward a position they do not like ‘.
called al-Bayati told a news briefing the Council presidency new to the ‘Accounting absent, and not, as happened in the previous board, which has been punished by the House of Representatives truants who continued absence for more than a year they receive privileges and salaries.’

blocks new parliamentary

In time where you make the preparations for the holding of the first session went a number of political figures to the formation of new blocks has announced a coalition member Uniting for Reform Salman Jumaili, agreed to form a political bloc comprising coalitions are united, Arab and fulfillment of Anbar, Diyala identity.
Jumaily said at a news conference in Baghdad that ‘meeting held last Saturday of the political blocs represented a coalition united to reform the Arab List and the fulfillment of Anbar, Diyala identity was agreed that there is an umbrella project for the political forces and the door will open for entities and other political blocs to join this project.’
and added that ‘these blocks allied paper will be presented an integrated reform Political and paper related to the demands of the six provinces to other political forces in the national arena and will be negotiated in the light of the files in this paper, which represents an integrated program of reform in Iraq within the next stage. ‘
For his part, the president of the Turkmen Front Arshad Salhi yesterday to form an alliance Turkmen in the new session of the Council of Iraqi parliament.
said Salhi, in a press statement: “The number of deputies Turkmen in the new session amounted to ten deputies Mtozein among a number of political lists,” pointing out that “he will be forming an alliance is limited to the House of Representatives ten only without the presence of any other component in it.”
he added “The alliance will be effective in political action and would have a role in the decisions and the entire political process.”

not to leave an open meeting

and explained the legal expert Tareq Harb, the spotter first meeting of the new Council of Representatives, will be achieved in the presence of members of the Iraqi National Alliance, calling on Parliament Speaker older to determine the date of the second session and not to leave Tuesday’s session open, adding that he can of the new parliament after the election of the president to legislate into law the budget even before the election of the new President, and before the formation of the new ministry.
said the war in a statement received morning copy of it: “The first of July 2014, a the date of the first session of the Parliament in 2014 and that’s where the constitution and rules of procedure of Parliament select provisions of this meeting, which is chaired by the eldest among those present, “noting that” the quorum for the meeting will come inevitably after the announcement of the National Alliance on Tuesday to attend the meeting so that the number of winners for this alliance than the planned number of the Quorum of the meeting It is the presence of 165 members only, and the remainder of the number of members is less than that number as long as the remaining number of members of parliament will be less than the number of members of the National Alliance and the number of members of the National Alliance, more than half of the number of members of parliament. ”
and added that “a declaration of the National Alliance as a parliamentary bloc the most number does not break down the non-nominated character for prime minister, because the mandate of the candidate for this position must be preceded by the election of the chairman of the parliament first and the election of President of the Republic II where the president assigns after he was elected representative of this block the formation of the Council of Ministers in accordance with Article 76 of the Constitution. ”
and explained that “the first session headed by President bilge allocated to the constitutional oath to members of the first election of the Speaker secondly because the enjoyment of winning the rights and privileges Kalhsana parliamentary and exercise done in legislation and supervision will depend on the performance of this right and this is what Achtrtth Articles 50-63 of the Constitution and the second work performed by the House of Representatives after the oath is the election of the President Parliament and his deputies, according to Article 55 of the Constitution and after the election of the presidency of the parliament, the parliament to legislate into law the budget even before the election of the new President, and before the formation of the new ministry. ”
and noted that “where a quorum verified in the first session, it is possible to elect a speaker and two deputies, especially that the new cluster that representing Sunni Arabs, a consortium of national forces nominated Salim al for the job as there are nominations for Osama Najafi for the presidency of the parliament also remains the subject is subject to agreements between the parliamentary blocs and the number of members of the Sunni Arabs who support Jubouri or support Najafi. ”
And that “the Kurdistan Alliance did not conduct the nomination of their representative for the position of president of the republic, as is still the difference and disagreement exists between the KDP and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), but that will not last long, especially as it is influenced by the position of the other political blocs and the bias of the candidates one of these two parties, though the words of the parliamentary majority is crucial in determining the President of the Republic . ”
He said he was “at the adjournment of the meeting at President bilge set a date the new session of Parliament in accordance with the provisions of Articles 23-24 of the rules of procedure and not to make an open meeting that is to notice another or to say that time is to be determined or later any not to leave the next session in bulk, but do not must be identified Tarih session and set the schedule in order to rectify what is stated in the decision of the Federal Supreme Court of the open meeting. ”