Gas Egypt compete for the project butane depots in Iraq with 40 million dollars

Gas Egypt compete for the project butane depots in Iraq with 40 million dollars

gas(Independent) … engineer said Faisal Abu Ezz head of Egypt Gas Company, said his company compete for the project for the establishment of warehouses Cooker favor of the Iraqi company to fill butane worth 40 million dollars.

He said Abu Ezz said in an interview with the Anatolia agency, in Cairo, said that only two Tkdmta for tender, including a Lebanese company and Gas Company Egypt. The project aims at the establishment of warehouses in the Iraqi capital Baghdad to feed butane gas cylinders.

And Egypt Gas Company owned 80% of the Egyptian Holding Company for Natural Gas (government) and listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, a partnership agreement with RIM mainland Trading & Contracting ethnic, whereby the Egyptian establishment of infrastructure and infrastructure to deliver natural gas to homes in Iraq.

Abu Ezz said that the company does not have workers currently in Iraq, with the exception of a branch of Egypt’s gas province in northern Iraq, and there is in that area any security risks.

He added that he will soon announce projects obtained by the company in the province of northern Iraq to deliver gas to some residential units, without giving further details.

The head of Egypt Gas Company that the company has a plan to break into several foreign markets, in order to achieve the greatest benefit and increase of resources and open up new areas in front of employees.

The size of the labor in Egypt Gas 7 thousand workers.

He pointed to the company’s entry in the tenders in Kuwait to deliver natural gas for industrial zones, paints and weather resistant.

He added that he will be decided in those tender early July next.

The financial statements showed the company “Egypt Gas,” for the first quarter of 2014, the net profit of 73.1 million pounds (10.2 million dollars), compared to a net profit of 109.5 million pounds (15.3 million dollars) for the corresponding period of the previous year, a drop of 33%.