Kurdistan: We will not participate in a government formed by Maliki

Kurdistan: We will not participate in a government formed by Maliki

JUNE 28, 2014 10:52

Kurdistan - We will not participate in a government formed by MalikiTwilight News / president of the Department of Foreign Affairs in the government of the Kurdistan Region Falah Mustafa, the Kurdish regional president Massoud Barzani, stressed during his meeting with U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, on the need for change in the political process, pointing out that the survival of the situation for what it is, it is not There is a need for the participation of the Kurds in the next government.

altMustafa said in a statement reported for “Twilight News”, Kerry asserted that Iraq faces great challenges and real, and stressed the need to form a government in which everyone does not effectively investigate anyone, pointing out that he had asked Barzani Kurds effective participation in the political process.

Added Mustafa Barzani stressed the importance of and the need for change, and that the conditions that remained as it is, it’s not there is a need to participate in the next government, adding that this means that the survival of Nuri al-Maliki as prime minister for a third term, “being the cause of the political crisis in Iraq.” .

He said that Kerry and Barzani spoken clearly about the reasons for what happened and the root of the problem, “namely mismanagement in Baghdad and the government’s failure to manage the country, especially the exclusion of the year and the absence of real participation of the Kurds and the rest of the components of the Iraqi people in the political process and decision-making”, stressing on the necessity of the development of the real deal for these problems.

He explained that if he had to be a new situation in Iraq must move towards the change that everybody agreed upon, and this means changing the prime minister of being directly responsible for what has happened in Iraq, especially the recent crisis.

He Mustafa that was agreed during the talks (between Barzani and Kerry) that there will be first a political solution to the crisis and then a military solution to confront the militants who threaten the security of Iraq as a whole, noting that the two sides stressed that the root of the problem is political, not military.

He pointed out that the fight against “terrorism” that I talked about government operations involving the “sectarian settling of accounts,” asserting that the Kurds will not participate in such battles “sectarian.”

He explained Mustafa that U.S. Secretary of State stressed more than once the importance of everyone’s participation in the next government, especially the Kurds, and asked Barzani post Kurdish effective, the cabinet can be formed within the constitutional period in the first of (July) next to be this is the first step to resolve the crisis in Iraq .

He said that this subject needs a “tremendous effort, especially because it is in an atmosphere of distrust.”

And about what the leak of reports that Barzani raised the possibility of independence for the region from Iraq during his interview with Kerry, Mustafa said that Barzani explained to U.S. Secretary of State that the Kurdish people made ​​a lot of sacrifices, he built the territory safe and balanced in its external relations, successful in his career and economic development, We ask Baghdad to cooperate together to rise up in Iraq, pointing out that they want to live as partners “real” within a federal constitutional Iraq.

However, the government in Baghdad did not listen to the opinions and viewpoints of the Kurdish, indicating that it wanted to deal with people in the Kurdistan Region to “regarded as second-class citizens.”

He added that Barzani told Kerry that the people of Kurdistan and leadership reject any marginalization, or be dealing with the Kurds as second-class citizens, declaring that they can not live under a system of “dictatorship”.

He added, saying that there should be complete clarity in this matter, and that the Kurds are partners in Iraq, a federal constitutional, democratic, and should not be part of the “chaos and sectarian conflict,” stressing “not be used as the subject of counter-terrorism for the purposes of qualifying sectarian, with an emphasis on the Our people do not want to lose his experience successful. ”