Kurdistan looming independence … and 3 formats graduated Shiite al-Maliki

Kurdistan looming independence … and 3 formats graduated Shiite al-Maliki

Posted 25/06/2014 04:26 PM

Kurdistan looming independence and 3 formats graduated Shiite al-MalikiBAGHDAD – bright Abbas *
Al «life» of Kurdish sources that the leader of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, confirmed to U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, in a meeting between the two in Erbil yesterday, that the province will announce separation and the United States should understand that, and that the only solution to keep Iraq together is changing the pattern of governance in Iraq, not including al-Maliki alone, stressing that recent events have produced a «new Iraq». It was learned also that the main Shiite factions are looking for three formats graduated Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and prevent him from «third term». The Iraqi government announced that it has regained control of the crossings «newborn» and «Traybeal» who was organizing «Daash» dominated them a few days ago, with a large Jordanian official denied knowledge of what is happening on the other side of the border with Iraq.

The sources added that the leaders of the Shiite examined, under the eyes of the reference Ali al-Sistani, the three main options for dealing with the crisis, the security and political situation in Iraq, all of which do not include the «third term» of the owners, while the United Nations announced the deaths of more than a thousand people dead just two weeks, with the control of fighters organization « Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant »(Daash) to large parts of northern and western Iraq. There were conflicting reports on the implementation of drones air raid on the towns of existing wetlands, western Anbar. Witnesses said that the aircraft came from the Syrian side carried out two sorties targeting the first market in the town of Qaim on the border with Syria, and the second, a gas station in the town of Rutba, which is the link with crossings «newborn» and »Trebil», which led to dozens of deaths and wounded. But a spokesman for the Jordanian government minister Mohammed Al-Momani told «life»: «We are not in what is going on when the Iraqi side of the border, but the only crossing between us and the Iraqi neighbor testifies abnormal situations». The «we do not have clear details until this moment, and our information in relation to what is happening on the other side undocumented».

Shi’ite source told «life» that al-Maliki assured Kerry ability to form a government early next month, ignoring the long interview Kerry about the need to form a government acceptable gain broad political and represent the aspirations of the Kurds and Sunnis. But modern-Maliki seems to falls in the political arrangements put ensures the survival of the current system of governance, whether in power or change Maliki remained in office, which is opposed by Muqtada al-Sadr in full, and show the leader of the bloc «citizen» Ammar al-Hakim made a reservation for.

Shiite leaders and began a major meetings yesterday in search of solutions, include three options, not including the continuation of the third term of the owners. Under the first option, according to a source close to the atmosphere of negotiations to form a government «unity» new from outside the «coalition of the rule of law», headed by a moderate and acceptable and prepare for a political settlement to ensure new powers to the provinces Sunni or acceptance region of the Sunni, and this option is powered U.S. also supported by political parties Sunni and Kurdish.

The second option is the formation of an interim government to save and hold new elections coincide with a referendum to amend the constitution and abolish some laws, and this option is the core demands of the armed forces of Sunni (outside Daash), which announced yesterday rejected the option of Arbil government of national unity. And deals with the third option of choice for leader of the «rule of law» Tarek Najm prime minister and keep the security file, however, al-Maliki, with an attempt to persuade the Kurds, Sunnis this option, or to accept the declaration of the Kurdistan region of independence, as opposed to immunize Shiite areas and Baghdad and maintain the status quo as long as possible, what includes leaving Sunni areas, however, the gunmen after isolated administratively, politically and economically from the authority of the center until the availability of military capabilities to restore them. The source said that the third option is supported Iranian, which represents the settlement reproduces the Syrian situation.

The Iraqi government announced yesterday cut salaries for staff security to troubled areas until the situation stabilizes and disbursed retroactively.

The White House announced that President Barack Obama telephoned British Prime Minister David Cameron and consultation on developments in Iraq.