Presidential decree will be issued within two days to hold the first session of the new parliament

Alkhozai for U.S. official: presidential decree will be issued within two days to hold the first session of the new parliament

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 11:57

Presidential decree will be issued within two days to hold the first session of the new parliament[Baghdad – where]

Deputy President of the Republic Khodair al during a meeting with Assistant Secretary of State George Brett Makourk Ambassralammeraki in Baghdad and Robert Stephen Beecroft he would issue a decree to call on the new parliament to convene.

A statement of the Office of the Vice President of the Republic received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it for Alkhozai to say, “The presidency is committed to the path of political and democratic political process in the country and the times are constitutional,” stressing that “the President of the Republic issued a decree during the next two days calling the new parliament to hold its first session. ”

The Alkhozai that “the political process will not hinder the progress of terrorism and armed groups.”

He demanded the U.S. government Alkhozai “more support for Iraq, particularly in the field of military and intelligence and the necessity of activating the strategic framework agreement signed between the two countries to counter terrorism and defeat it and to maintain the security and stability of Iraq and the region.”

For his part, Assistant Secretary of State George Brett Makourk that “al-Qaeda and armed groups, a common enemy, and that Washington is committed to supporting Iraq in its war against terrorism.”

The Federal Supreme Court has ratified on 16 June to present the results of elections for the House of Representatives in 2014, with deferred consideration of four candidates, until the resolution of cases filed against them before the courts Almt_khash.

In this validation, according to the text of the Constitution held the first session of the newly elected Parliament at the invitation of President of the Republic within 15 day from the date of approval of the Federal Court on the election results.

The representative of the Supreme religious authority Ahmed Safi said in a Friday sermon that “and after approval by the Federal Court on the results of the elections there will be the timing of the constitutionality of the new Council of Representatives and selecting its President and the President and the Prime Minister and the formation of a new government, it is very important to adhere to these timings and not exceeded, it is necessary to engage in dialogue blocks, and result in the formation of a functioning government rectify past mistakes and open up new horizons and a better future. ”

The State Department spokeswoman Marie Harff said in a press statement that “Foreign Minister John Kerry said during his meetings with Iraqi leaders to support the U.S. administration continuing the unity of Iraq and the need to form the next government, which may begin no later than the first of next July.” Ended