Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 6-22-14

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 6-22-14

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions/predictions6-22-2014 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG Iranian source: “Maliki agrees to the immediate application of Article 140 which included all areas of the Kurdish region.” “the Iranians have handed over a letter signed by Nuri Maliki Prime Minister to the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq similar to the terms of agreement…” “in detail included the message,according to the same source approval Maliki and all parties that fall under the coalition political immediate application of Article 140of the constitution and the annexation of Kirkuk and other disputed territories, without exception, to the Kurdistan Region” Ultimately – this boils down to Iran having handed this letter over to the Kurds. Maliki will try to weasel out later. Iran wants more Kurdish military involvement – some Kurdish parties are not good with this. In exchange for help with ISIS the Kurds get what they have been promised all along. Good luck Maliki.

6-22-2014 Intel Guru Jester [Jester some gurus have said it will be a float-come out low and go up, others say there will be a sucker rate first and then it will go up and others say get cashed out fast because it will go down or lop.] I DO NOT THINK THEY WILL FLOAT… WHEN THIS MESS IN IRAQ IS FIXED… WELL… IT IS A SHOW BUT ONCE IT CONCLUDES LET’S SAY… THEN THE IRAQI’S SHOULD HAVE A NEW GOVERNMENT AND THE WORLD WILL DROP IN AND OFFER THE NEW GUYS ALL THE HELP THEY WILL LIKE… AND THEN I THINK THINGS WILL MOVE RIGHT ALONG.


6-22-14 RUMOR Guru DIRECT INTEL Maliki gone bye bye…confirmed! Yes! Confirmed Awesome! Turki CBI not Maliki…now the US can do their job…praying hard! Yes! RED suit coming. Leaving presents.

6-22-2014 Intel Guru Frank26 [via FlPatriot59] This is what we believe happened. ..yesterday Turki came out and said what he said about raising the value of the currency. The timing of him coming out and saying this is very interesting. That meeting was with Gulf countries listening to Turki about monetary policy. He said the 70B on reserve they have has been tripled and could triple again. They’re sitting on mountains of gold and abundant oil. And he said there’s no ceiling. The only thing left is the HCL (HydroCarbon Law) and that will done on July 1. A deal has been made for Article 140. It was brokered by Iran. The fact that it’s done is almost miraculous.

6-22-2014 Newshound Guru Chattels [regardless of what did or didn’t happen in 2010, from what i understand the constitution doesn’t mandate every member of parliament attend the first session of parliament. Only requirement is that there is an absolute majority, which would be 165 of the 328 members.] you may be correct. [could certainly drag things out.] that is my concern in that the Iraqi constitution may be unclear on this procedural issue and, well, we have all seen how the matters are protracted over time…we have no control over anything in all of this except our own expectations.

6-22-2014 Intel Guru Delta [via FlPatriot59] Turki is the Gov of the CBI. But the Board of Directors of the CBI determines the rates. “Any change in the rate will be supported with no ceiling.” He (Turki) can choose any number. This is going to be a very important week coming up. We expect a very important announcement from the CBI soon.

6-21-2014 Newshound Guru Chattels ARTICLE 140 IS A STAGED PROCESS AND NOT AN EVENT, IMO…unless there has been a referendum then Article 140 cannot be ” done “. It’s not enough to control Kirkuk; there is a very particular sequence of events that needs to happen. The KRG must carry out a proper census, then hold a referendum in the territories to determine whether they want to join the Kurdistan Region. Kirkuk is a multi-ethnic city, and without a fair referendum, whatever remains of the Iraqi state would never accept the loss of the oil-rich area…a proper census must precede a referendum.

6-21-2014 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “Iraq Ayatollah calls for new parliament to start work without delay” Chalabi will not be PM. Maliki should leave, but he holds a lot of power..controlling police, military, etc..going to be tough to remove him.

6-21-2014 Newshound Guru Aggiedad77 JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH FRANK [GURU FRANK26]…please understand this is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than the Article 140 that was being talked about over the last couple of days…this is far more ENCOMPASSING! This Article 140 includes the disputed territories including Kirkuk…this is BIG…but even bigger this includes OIL that has been disputed by the Kurds for like forever…this is really BIG…Giving the Kurds the green light to produce and export their own oil for a period of 5 years…in that time they get to enjoy the amounts of the export as well…tremendous…but then…THEN…they will be granted 30% of the Iraqi budget after the 5 years.

6-21-2014 Newshound Guru Aggiedad77 This is HUGE news…a major piece of the puzzle falling into place…but what is happening…Maliki is attempting to save and resurrect his own butt…He is playing cards that no one thought he had…however IN FRANK’S OPINION…the avalanche against M is far too great…the deck he is playing with has no longer been dealt in M’s favor…change should be coming. After all, what else is left to fall into place?

6-21-2014 Intel Guru Frank26 Chalabi Was simply nominated. Three others were nominated today as well. IMO, There will be more nominations. Why? Because there is less and less fear of M [Maliki]. As for C [Chalabi] Yes he is a front runner and more than likely the eventual PM for Baghdad. Time will tell. I just Love the fact that the Parliament/GOI is forming…So does the CBI/IMF. IMO, M was the REASON for ISIS. But who cares about politics…Pray that The CBI TALKS again tomorrow or Monday! IMO, IR can come out anytime the conditions are congruent with the CBI goals. I see continual progress because I do not seek a date.

6-21-2014 Newshound Guru Bondlady Iraq doesn’t like to be told or given ultimatums about their country by the USA or any other country…such as the USA calling for Maliki to step down to end the civil discord. I don’t know much about this new guy Chalabi…experience is a lot here…I hope he can compete with Maliki. Iraq does need new blood but they need strong blood and good morals like Hakim and Talabani either of those would have been great for PM but neither want that headache either. so really no one knows who will be the PM yet or if Maliki will actually get a 3rd term.