The Washington Post: Iraq’s biggest challenge in front of Obama

The Washington Post: Iraq’s biggest challenge in front of Obama


The Washington Post - Iraqs biggest challenge in front of ObamaBaghdad, Washington / Orr News

Full of paper many of the reports of the Iraqi crisis and the challenges imposed by the U.S. administration, the newspaper said that Iraq now represents the most pressing challenge for the Firsts national security for Barack Obama and also for his legacy in foreign policy .. Iraq collapses and breaks down with him believing the neo-conservatives that the dictatorship of sectarianism can is fast becoming an independent, democratic, as well as Obama’s approach to non-interference in the region.

The Islamists, who now control cities in northern Iraq, has stepped up in Syria, which Obama avoid civil war in spite of the high risk that they pose to the fragile stability in the region.

Now Obama faces – who was elected to end the wars the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan – the demands in Washington and Baghdad to join again to this war, which has long been criticized, and I think it is finished.

The newspaper pointed out that Washington has seen controversy over the last few days about how to end the wars that followed the terrorist attacks of September, and has been defined for U.S. foreign policy over the course of 10 years.

On the other hand, saw the newspaper that the collapse of the Iraqi army represents a failure of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who has struggled to address the problem of leadership and morale, which now threatens the military’s ability to defend the country. It also represents a failure of the U.S. Army, which his path.

And relay the newspaper, saying that despite the superiority of forces, al-Maliki numerically on the insurgents and possessing the power of a weapon larger, but that those forces had fled by the thousands in the north of the country, and allowed for the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, “Daash” control on the connector, and start guided the ill-fated hand Baghdad.

U.S. officials and deliver a former military who oversaw the establishment of the Iraqi army responsibility on Maliki, who purged the military of some of the most talented leaders. Said Derek Harvey, the former U.S. official in Iraq, saying, “The army identified the dilemma when the soldiers were forced to ask themselves because they face a sudden attack of whether they are ready to die for al-Maliki.”

For its part, said Emma Sky, Chancellor of the most prominent U.S. Army in Iraq during the last years of the occupation, that al-Maliki, rather than to focus on training and equipping the army, it is used all the means to target political opponents. Maliki has sought to consolidate his power and protect his regime, Fearing and his opponents have lost confidence in him.