Iraq receives six aircraft (MI 35) Russian and entered service yesterday

Iraq receives six aircraft (MI 35) Russian and entered service yesterday

June 13, 2014 7:56

Iraq receives six aircraft - MI 35 - Russian and entered service yesterdayAccording to a senior source in the Defense Ministry official Iraqi news agencies on Thursday that the Army Air received six helicopters of the type ( Mi35 ), while noting that it will enter service effectively, today,

The source said that “the leadership of the Army Air received, today, six aircraft ( Mi35 ) Russian-made within the contract signed with the Russian side on this aircraft. ”

The source, who asked not to be named, said: “This aircraft will enter service this day directly.”

This comes after the Daash able to control vast areas in Iraq.

The Commission on Security and Defense Council of Representatives of Iraq, revealed in (the third of September 2013), the arrival of the first batch of Russian aircraft during the same month, and confirmed that the General Command of the Armed Forces and the Army Staff “excited” to arm the security services, as pointed out the existence of contracts arming with the United States and other countries will follow.

Russia had announced during a visit by Maliki to in the ninth of October 2012 all that it has signed contracts with Iraq to arm more than $ 4.2 billion dollars to become so again the largest providers of this state with weapons after the United States.

Mi -35 M

Russian helicopter is a multi-purpose, developed from the helicopter mile -24 joint venture between mile in cooperation with the Rostov helicopter plant in 1994.

The helicopter suitable for implementation tasks including securing work groups reconnaissance and evacuation.

Can deal with a slow air targets flying at low altitude, including some types of aircraft used by mostly drug dealers.

The speed of the helicopter 310 kilometers per hour. The equivalent of 460 km over the work.

One of the main advantages are multi-purpose.

Note that a helicopter “Mi -35 M” is the only helicopter in the world that can perform tasks and landing transport and ambulance. Your

It can be moved inside the cabin up to 8 members of dropping off their guns and air shipments weighing 1,500 kilograms.

In addition, they are able to transfer materials hanging Balhmalat Foreign weigh up to 2400 kg, which makes the helicopter is not a substitute for the transfer of ammunition to the difficult terrain. The twin-engined helicopter supply model “in Ca – 2500″ of the ability of each horse in 2700, enabling the helicopter to reach the ceiling height of up to 3150 meters in a hung ceiling and rise until 5400 in the development of the movement. It also provides helicopter “Mi -35 or” wireless devices, which provides electronic discovery and definition of objectives and the use of guided missiles and unguided, guns and machine guns in a semi-automatic day and night. Not to mention the insurance specifications of navigation on the high altitude and low take-off and landing from airports not equipped with surveillance and ground reconnaissance and do day and night. Including weapons 8 helicopter guided missiles model “Ataka” and 80 rockets is not directed caliber of 80 mm model “S – 8″ cannon “Guy Sha -23 th” double Mansoob at the forefront of the helicopter. There is yet another important ensure the effective use of helicopters in combat conditions, a vitality, noting that the chopper is protected in a new and especially the cockpit. As characterized by the low level helicopter infrared. And used for this purpose also targets thermal false thrown from the aircraft in order to meet the heads of infrared guidance.

Technical Specifications tactical

The maximum take-off weight of 11,500 kg

Load weight 12,000 kg

The helicopter empty weight 8354 kg

Economic speed 260 km per hour

Maximum speed 310 km per hour

Ceiling height in the case of attachment to 3150 meters

Dynamic ceiling height 5400 meters

Over the work until the 460 km

The crew consists of two