Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 6-12-14

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 6-12-14

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions/predictions6-12-2014 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “Invitation to peg to a basket of currencies” we already know the plan as detailed in the IMF Article IV Consultation. I don’t expect a peg until the dinar gets to where it belongs first. Let them get in compliance before we start to get a little excited. It is good that despite what is going on, there are some still moving the economy, monetary policy and banking forward. It will come.

6-12-2014 Intel Guru Frank26 today they tell You 10,000 US Troops are in Iraq …Not true …It was many days ago and it shall be many more to come.

6-12-2014 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG This is the End Game for Maliki. He may well get the Fed Court to rule in his favor – but I don’t see that being accepted well in the world’s eyes. [what is your take on after M is out, what are these insurgents just gonna leave?] The Kurds will step in immediately – would be the easy answer.

6-12-2014 Newshound Guru Millionday [Do you still feel the ISX won’t go live without the RV happening first?] the global platform for the isx will include the product of their currency and it will have to be priced for sale when the market goes global — it is global economics that makes that happen…when the isx goes global it will be priced not that the dinar wont have a reality rate placed on it before or that it may take more time we just dont know but they are talking about the omx launching july 1st and being ready the middle of this month…we dont know the date.

6-12-2014 Newshound/Intel Guru Randy Koonce WE have been waiting for the election results, the reason we are still waiting is because even tho State of Law won the election Maliki cannot get enough vote to put together the largest group of parliament to get and maintain a majority. …so he has delayed the election results so that it will give him time to bribe as many parliament people as he can until the 15th of June when the existing parliament must leave their post. That is also when Maliki loses his power as PM and Iraq will put in an interim government…Maliki…has two options 1. threaten, bribe, beg enough people to put together the largest coalition. 2. Try to have an emergency and put the Country into a State of emergency. As you can see on the news Maliki picked Number 2 because he could not do the first one. Tomorrow Maliki is asking for the state of emergency if he gets it he will be PM for 30 more days min or until the crisis is over.

6-12-2014 Newshound/Intel Guru Randy Koonce If Maliki does not get the state of emergency he will know that he is gone…and we believe that he will pull the trigger on the money a few hours before he loses total control…which is by Sunday the 15th… IF he gets the state of emergency then sometime between tomorrow and the 30 days he will need it to bribe enough votes to garnish the largest votes. …so between now and Monday is looking good and if not then…We are looking within the next 30 days. I believe that we have a very good chance for now until sunday. Do not worry about the fighting it will not last long. I believe that parliament will go ahead and announce Chalibi as the next candidate and we will be very happy by Tues next week…Lets pray for that to happen. I have always said that it does not matter about the violence it is about the money and it would not matter if Iraq blew itself up the money will come.

6-12-2014 Newshound Guru Adam Montana 1. Parliament supposed to wrap up current session shortly. Hopefully budget will be passed, but I’m not too concerned with that either way. 2. 2nd largest city in Iraq Mosul has been taken over by Al Quaida, Maliki calls for State of Emergency. This could be good, because it would give him executive authority to make some MAJOR moves. His goal should be to quash opposition, angle towards a resolution of HCL with the Kurds in order to prevent them from acting individually and cutting Baghdad off from future oil profits, and he should be taking swift action to regain control of Mosul. We will see how this pans out in the next week or so. 3. Regardless of the Mosul situation, Oil Minister declares oil exports will not be affected. This is KEY for any potential raise in the value of the currency…

6-12-2014 Newshound Guru Adam Montana 4. Election results should be announced (officially) any day now… but for all those that are certain Maliki will not remain in his position, I have to ask this… who will replace him? There is nobody. And also, why would they be calling for MALIKI to attend these meetings if there was significant chance for him to be outed? I simply don’t think he’s going anywhere, and if he plays his cards right this is a prime opportunity to make significant progress towards a stronger government, country, and currency. I’m not saying I like Maliki! But I do think that if he’s replaced, Iraq will be taking 2 steps backwards, and it will take a couple years for the next PM to be in as strong of a situation to raise the value of the currency. For me, Maliki is the lesser of evils and is the best man for the job at this time.

6-11-2014 RUMOR Guru Obviously the entire RV/GCR has been a very fluid event for a long time. We have all seen a fistful of events transpire which have led us to believe that our Blessing is imminent. Nothing I’ve seen or heard changes that, either. However, for some months there has been a background current of expectation that we were going to see things break in a two-step process beginning with a “general RV” consisting of the revaluation of all of the major currencies, (and available only for a short time in order to accommodate private placements and private exchanges) followed by a Global Reset which would make all of the restructured currencies (both gainers and losers) available to the general public. That plan has apparently gone by the wayside.

Fact check, there NEVER was a plan to do a Global Currency Reset (GCR) as has been reported by a few idiot guru’s. Total made up fiction.

6-11-2014 RUMOR Guru As the months have turned into years, any idea has long since been abandoned that the currencies with their numbers would remain a secret. Many individuals have been poised for well over a year to take advantage of any gap between one or more currencies revaluing before the rest. For that reason the IMF, its controlling board and its associated central bankers have ditched any plans for a sequential rollout. This past weekend any nations, whose new currency valuations had yet to be released to the IMF, did release those numbers to the IMF.

6-11-2014 RUMOR Guru According to two separate sources, I’m told that the currencies will be released to FOREX and be allowed to float rather liberally for some unspecified period of time “until they achieve market stability,” after which “a managed float” of plus or minus 2% would be implemented. If the IQD comes out at the $3+ rate we’ve been hearing behind the scenes for many months, I would expect it to react similarly and perhaps settle in a $4+ range or even higher. There’s another item to consider with these currencies, and that’s the future of the VND. For well over a year, the projection from major economists and traders has been in the $.45 – $.49 range. We’ve seen those numbers increase in recent weeks and months, but here again we have a whole lot of fluidity in play. I will say that if the VND comes out anywhere near those numbers, it won’t stay there for long! Vietnam’s economy is a whole lot stronger today than it was 30 years ago.

6-11-2014 RUMOR Guru What we do know is all good news today. Bank people are still at the bank, and staff are at the exchange centers, for the most part. Everybody is still on Go, we just don’t know the exact time or moment…you should all be happy. I’m super-fantastic and I’m ready for this ride to be over! [In late June, Ramadan starts and some want to push it off to 1. July. Then some Iraqi officials says they don’t want to do it after June 28th. Is that true?] I think they will do it before then.

6-11-2014 RUMOR Guru It was supposed to go down Monday and then yesterday, and things are very close right now. We are in a phenomenal position…I know what certain agencies and people are saying, but really it’s an hour by hour fight.

6-11-2014 Newshound Guru Millionday Article quote: “ruled out an economist and a relationship between the Iraqi government’s actions and the high exchange rate of Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar, and expected recovery in the dollar to its previous status within days.” it gets better…Quote: “the Central Bank of Iraq is responsible for the policies of the stability of the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies, the only one who has the mechanisms and authority for the stability of the exchange rate of the dinar in Iraq.” it appears that CBI is getting pressure…also they are saying that everything is in place but the budget and that is what is holding back funds for projects… it is saying security-gov – budget-and all else has no effect — it is CBI `s job to move the rates.

6-11-2014 Intel Guru Frank26 Two weeks ago…I said they will NOT give us the election results until the last possible nano seconds…Like the 14th or 15th. Still looking that way. [I believe this is what we are waiting for and I am very very excited!] I must admit…Me too. Stay Strong as we watch many things come to a conglomeration around the 15th…To the 1st.