The Washington Post: the U.S. administration to recognize the growing threat in the Middle East

The Washington Post: the U.S. administration to recognize the growing threat in the Middle East

06/12/2014 15:29

The Washington Post - the US administration to recognize the growing threat in the Middle EastAgencies – focused on the newspaper “Washington Post” tensions that take place in the Iraqi arena, and said that the militants are turning rapidly toward Baghdad, and face only minor resistance from the Iraqi security forces, and expanding the scope of their control, which includes a large area of Iraq.
The newspaper pointed out that the blazing speed that made by the militants in northern Iraq have raised serious doubts about the effectiveness of the Iraqi security forces trained U.S., and also sparked concerns about the government’s grip on the capital itself.

And “in a country already suffering from sectarian tension, and the fall of the parts already in western Iraq in the hands of Sunni insurgents, the recent gains achieved by the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant” Daash “has sparked cries of warning pessimistic of the leaders of the Shiite majority, and it seems that the militants faced resistance They are the largest moving toward the south, where the Shia Iraqis and a stronger presence, but many experts say that it is wrong to assume that the heavily fortified Baghdad, which constitutes a majority Shia population is concentrated by elite forces could easily push Daash attack. ” (According to the newspaper)

In an editorial, the newspaper said Obama remained for years to claim credit for ending the war, and now it has become difficult to continue in this claim.

The newspaper added that “if Iraq joined Syria in civil war, the danger facing America’s allies in Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Iraqi Kurdistan is imminent, and the safe havens for terrorists represent a direct threat to the United States.”

The officials say in Washington, he said, and Homeland Security Secretary J. Johnsnon early in the year that there are people from Europe, America and Canada travel to Syria to fight, and send them back to their countries of origin with the task of extremist.

The paper talked about the failure of Obama in the Middle East, and said that to avoid effective communication with Syria, turned to the civil war more disastrous humanitarian crisis in a generation.

In Libya, NATO joined the campaign to topple Gaddafi and then refuse to provide security assistance to Libya, and now is on the brink of civil war.

In Iraq, Obama chose not to leave any force that can help to maintain the policy, and the White House insisted on not having to worry about, and it happened .. and now applied to Obama the same policy in Afghanistan a full withdrawal of U.S. troops by 2016, whatever the circumstances But a full withdrawal could lead to such challenges as faced by Iraq.

And require the U.S. administration, according to the newspaper, to accept the reality of the growing threat in the Middle East and develop a strategy to end the war beyond the logo. Q, Q