Daash controls the entire city of Mosul, and news of the escape Najafi

Daash controls the entire city of Mosul, and news of the escape Najafi


Daash controls the entire city of Mosul and news of the escape NajafiPalm – A police source in Nineveh province, on Tuesday, said the militants were able to control Daash on the right side and left the city entirely.

The source said through a press statement that “armed groups of elements Daash managed since the dawn of the day and during the clashes and violent battles with security forces, to control the right side of the province and bring down the governorate building and adjacent government buildings, in addition to storming the fallopian Sama Mosul, Nineveh tomorrow and they were shot down.”

The source added that “Daash militants took control of the Mosul airport in full, after the veto of Nineveh in the neighborhood south of Mosul, as the airline dropped the police directorate building in central Mosul pedal and move to the left side and control it fully.”

The source continued that the conservative Ethel Nujaifi trapped inside the building by armed groups but managed to escape with the help of the police, in addition to the escape of a number of government officials who were living in the right side of Mosul, where they began to flee, accompanied by their families, despite the curfew. ”

The city of Mosul, gunmen seized control of Daash on the building of Nineveh province and a number of police stations have also seen the control elements regulate Daash on the headquarters of the Third Battalion of the Brigade Charge of the Knights in the federal police district Revolution west of the city and stormed the elements Daash Badush prison and Tasfirat and the fight against terrorism and seizing control them completely and worked on smuggling of all prisoners.