Maliki conference is an opportunity for opponents of Anbar and the United States offers assistance to make it a success

Maliki conference is an opportunity for opponents of Anbar and the United States offers assistance to make it a success.


malikiTwilight News / Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Monday that the conference be held in connection with one of Anbar province, will be an opportunity to unite the efforts face of terrorism, while the United Nations expressed its readiness to ensure the success of the conference, which will be held in Baghdad.

The Iraqi government is seeking to end the crisis through Anbar conference is expected to end a general amnesty for all supporters of the armed organizations is to get involved in the killings, but it was not clear whether al-Maliki’s opponents will participate in the conference.

The Preparatory Committee held its first meeting of the Conference yesterday in the presence of al-Maliki in Baghdad and said it probably will take place on the twentieth of this month.

The Commission stated that it would send a delegation to the outside for the delivery of Maliki political opponents invitations to attend the conference to include most disaffected forces on al-Maliki’s policies.

Maliki reiterated on more than one occasion that his government will issue an amnesty for “misled” and renewed today on the sidelines of a meeting with representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq Nikolay Mladenov.

Maliki said in a statement issued by his press office and seen by “Twilight News” that “national unity conference in Anbar will work on the reunion and unify efforts to defeat terrorism.”

He called on al-Maliki – who is likely to lead the new government formation for a third term – to overcome the differences between the side of the people in order to close ranks.

He said that the conference is an opportunity to achieve this.

He pointed out that “the determination in session to open the door to anyone who wants Bmgarah terrorism and overcome differences, whatever his political position and irregularities committed under the influence of fear, threat, or a result of poor in estimating the position unless it involved shedding of Iraqi blood.”

He said the government will fall on the public right of these in order to facilitate their return.

For his part, the representative of the secretary-general welcomed the convening of the Conference of Anbar, said the United Nations stands ready to support the conference and make it a success whatever you can.