Change in central bank

Posted 29/04/2012 10:28 PM

Adnan Hussein *
it is clear that the government is making every effort possible to append to the Central Bank and control it in some way, like independent bodies Qdmtha government one after the other.And then repeated allusions statements made ​​by government officials and aides to the prime minister exposes the desire to spread the umbrella of the government on the bank.

Some of these officials and assistants and advisers deny any intention to acquire the bank and repeat the denial, but the signs of greed in the government and the bank is growing bigger.The Bank is accused by the government once not to cooperate with them in securing funds from the reserve to cover the shortfall in government expenditures, and again twice procedures control the movement of funds, what causes the smuggling money abroad, and again, not a final Baltwakl in the defense of the value of Iraqi dinar, which fell slightly Finally, it is said to be the real reason for this decline is linked to purchases and smuggling of large amounts of hard currency from inside Iraq for the Iranian and Syrian regimes punished internationally, and some believe that the procurement and smuggling of these assisted the parties to a window in the government and parliament.
regardless of the seriousness of the charges and the nature the objectives of the guidance, and regardless of what is said is also outside the accusations of incapacity Bank Governor Dr Sinan Shabibi for the management of this institution, the way that presents the works of some officials and assistants of government close to the Prime Minister, the charges (or arguments) suggest that the government is willing at least to have a role in determining the bank’s policies and his administration.

Of course does not work any central bank in the world away of what the government, they are partners, can not be the bank responsible for monetary policy to work in isolation from the government responsible for fiscal policy, and economic development in general.
if there were not the ambitions of government at the central bank similar to those translated the dominance of the Integrity Commission and the dominance of a similar way to the Electoral Commission, the government had acted in accordance with due to direct observations, criticisms and entered into a constructive discussion and fruitful dialogue with the Bank’s management.
Is, for example, the Government considers that the tactics of the bank and even strategies adversely affect the economic life and in providing services to the people? Can propose or call for conferences, seminars and panel discussions looking where the experts of the country these issues in detail to finish to make recommendations to those concerned in the bank and the government.
government had launched a crackdown on the Integrity Commission and its President on the grounds that they do not fight financial and administrative corruption as it should. Has succeeded in changing the management of the Authority, as you want, is managed by the new body fought corruption should be? So far not shown any evidence of that.And the same applies to the Electoral Commission, Valhmlh this body did not result in the Office of a more neutral and integrity, professionalism and independence, but evidence suggests that the Commission next will be better off than its predecessor, and can not be so long as the system of recruitment which is based on the consensus partisan and sectarian and nationalist .
hard to be afraid of the change in the management of the Central Bank, the government obtained prescription, a change for the worse.