McCain: Iraq is turning again to the arena for conflict and al Qaeda stronghold .. and America has lost its credibility

McCain: Iraq is turning again to the arena for conflict and al Qaeda stronghold .. and America has lost its credibility

Date Published: 12:54, 31/05/2014

McCain-Iraq is turning again to the arena for conflict and al Qaeda stronghold and America has lost its credibility (Independent) … faced Republican Senator, John McCain, violently President Barack Obama’s speech on foreign policy, saying that America has lost its credibility and the trust of others in the world, because of its handling of international issues.

McCain said: “The heart-rending because of the killing of Syrians, while America stands idly by, as Iraq again turns into an arena of conflict and al Qaeda stronghold.”

The Senator, in an interview with CNN comment on Obama’s speech at the Faculty of “West Point,” which set the parameters of his foreign policy, “First, I reject the criticism made by the President for us – those of us who care about for years to national security – as it ignored, and said that America is not the However, the option of the two, either in favor of full military intervention in conflicts facing America, and either wants to cut any link to the files of America abroad. ”

He continued, “I actually do not know anyone who wants to send American troops to any country currently, but I think it was on the President to learn the lessons of the Iraq war and what happened after we pull out without leaving troops behind us, and the result is that it has erupted wars in other places, and returned the black flags of al-Qaeda rises above the city of Fallujah. ”

According to McCain, “The director of the U.S. National Security says that the border region between Iraq and Syria turned into the headquarters of al-Qaeda plans, including the attacks on America, and that means that we are facing a total failure, the entire region in chaos, and the president committed the same mistake in Afghanistan through setting a date for withdrawal, What sends a message to the Taliban that the steadfastness and patience waiting for us out. ”

On defense and foreign minister, John Kerry, for American policy, response, McCain said: “The minister Kerry ignores the chaos that is now spreading in Iraq as a result was determined the dates of the final withdrawal, and the second thing I think it’s insulting to the Afghans believe that they do not want to defend themselves, this does not mean I support the continuation of the fighting, I do not support it, but I say that we were able to succeed and keep some of our troops there as we did in Japan, Germany and Korea, but instead pulled out of Iraq, and is today’s Iraq a base for planning attacks on America. ”

McCain pointed out that the world understands that America is not weak, but he sees the state “can not be relied upon are no longer credible.”

He added: “When the president says (Obama) at a meeting at the White House for Vice Lindsey Graham, said he plans to attack Syria, and then say to the whole world that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, bypass the red lines, and refrain thereafter on the implementation of the strike, be it bounces around the world the whole, all of our enemies know that he is no longer able to rely on us our friends. ”

And defend the U.S. administration itself by saying it respected the red line drawn by the destroyed arsenal Assad chemical through a political agreement, McCain said: “But the Assad regime continues to throw explosive barrels and the slaughter of civilians, is also active on the ground forces of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, and continues the Russians provide the lion weapons and equipment for the slaughter of his people, has died, more than 160 thousand people, and the displacement of millions, while we stand on the sidelines and watching the events. ”

“In light of talk about the destruction of weapons of chemical appear allegations about the use of chlorine gas in the bombing, a gas that is not covered by the terms of the delivery of the arsenal of chemical, the heart-rending, and I’m watching how stands America idly by while the slaughter of the Syrian people, not by Bashar al-Assad , but it is by Hezbollah and Iran after their intervention to support him and prevent his fall, as Russia stepped in to help him, and turned the case into a regional conflict and tragedy of enormous price we will pay dearly for decades to come. ” (End)