Sadrists announce a large block of 200 vice-Maliki .. and out of tune

Sadrists announce a large block of 200 vice-Maliki .. and out of tune


Sadrists announce a large block of 200 vice-Maliki and out of tunePalm – The Liberal bloc parliamentary Friday, agreed with a number of political blocs to form the largest bloc in the House of Representatives, which includes 200 deputies, stressing that advertised will be after the ratification of the election results, as pointed out that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki can not form a government Being rejected by most of the political blocs.

The MP said the bloc Hussein Sharifi told media that “dialogues and meetings between the Liberals and other political blocs are still ongoing, and we got to 200 deputies, remaining only the announcement of the largest bloc in the House of Representatives,” pointing out that “after the ratification of the election results will be announced the largest bloc. ”

Sharifi added that “the largest bloc membership will consist of both the citizen and the united Arab and Kurdish national, and some other political blocs to form a government of national partnership able to advancement of the country.”

He Sharifi that “the Islamic Supreme Council of the nearest mass of the Sadrist movement, because both are clinging to positions and refusing to give Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for a third term,” noting that the latter “won 120 seats and can not get over it and can not also form the next government.”

The MP for the coalition united to reform Mohammed al-Khalidi said he was not yet reached the mighty alliance announcement, pointing out that the statements made by the alliance, “Diyala our identity,” Salim al-recent “personal” and not united on anything to do with the Union, which was announced recently.

It is noteworthy that a number of leaders of political blocs to the provinces declared, on Thursday (29 May 2014), the formation of the “Union of the national forces” to negotiate with other blocs for the purpose of forming the next government, and pointed out that next week will see the official announcement of the emergence of the new union, while expressed their support any candidate backed by the National Alliance to lead the next government.