Kuwait delegation will return to Iraq to follow-up on implementation of agreements in late 2012

Kuwait Announces visit Prime Minister and delegation of Iraq end 2012 internationalist for follow-up to the decisions of the Joint Committee Monday, 30 April 2012 17: 19

Kuwait announced on her country’s Prime Minister to Iraq in the last quarter of the year 2012 for the follow-up of the implementation of the agreed points in the work of the joint Kuwaiti-Iraqi Committee.

He said Kuwaiti Ambassador to Baghdad to the insured at a press conference held in Karbala Governorate building, which arrived Monday at the head of the Kuwaiti media delegation attended by each agency correspondent Iraq [where] “Kuwait Prime Minister Jaber Mubarak Al-Sabah will visit Baghdad in the last quarter of this year to follow up on what has been installed in the work of the Joint Commission between the two countries on a number of files during its meeting on Sunday.

He said “both sides exited from meeting with a positive spirit and agreed on a number of important points that are part of the differences among the common boundary file between the two countries, which it was agreed that the delegation from the United Nations in October next year to work on the demarcation and maintenance of border points”.

The insurer said that “Iraq exit file from the penalties listed in section VII of the United Nations Security Council which is subject to multiple Iraqi effort for negotiations.”

And criticized the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Baghdad, “the Iraqi side slower in dealing with this file and resolved,” he said, referring to “the importance of Iraq for Kuwait in terms of its location in the region and the social, economic and political weight.”

On the Kuwaiti delegation visit to Karbala revealed “insurer touts a delegation comprising [60] personal Kuwaiti businessmen mid May next to discuss investment opportunities in religious tourism in Karbala”, pointing out “the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the local Government to keep on investing in religious tourism.

Kuwaiti Foreign MinisterMorning Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah Arrived early Sunday to Baghdad at the head of a delegation to participate in the meetings of the Joint Commission between the two countries was received at Baghdad International Airport Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, and a number of Iraqi officials and announced the signing of two bilateral cooperation and organizing navigation in Khor Abdullah under the Supreme Committee meeting Iraqi-Kuwaiti joint held yesterday in Baghdad.

Zebari was announced at a joint press conference with his Kuwaiti counterpart after meeting Iraqi-Kuwaiti joint Committee for its second session that “the meeting of the Committee deserves pride proud we have achieved important progress in the issue of exit Iraq from Chapter VII Security Council Kuwait kadal cooperation and understanding of the situation of Iraq.”