In Baiji: not to deal in both dinar categories [250 and 500] JD raises fuss

In Baiji: not to deal in both dinar categories [250 and 500] JD raises fuss

Sunday, 25 May / May 2014 07:26

In Baiji-not to deal in both Iraqi dinar categories 250 and 500 JD raises fuss[Salahuddin Wayne]

The effects of the behavior of some traders Baiji north of Tikrit not to deal two categories coins uproar among citizens and dissatisfaction.

A reporter Agency all of Iraq [where] today that “shoppers in the markets of Baiji were surprised by the lack of dealing in both categories of the 250 and 500 dinars today by traders and shopkeepers, sparking a sensation within the judiciary, especially the staff have received Raotbhm and where the number of large class of 250 dinars. ”

Comes not to deal with these categories is non-acceptance of the owners Chierfat which converts currency and refuse to deal with small groups.

The government banks and government departments have delivered a number of employees amounts not paid within a few categories of [250 500] dinars. ”

The CBI had announced late last month in April for printing new bank notes contain signs of additional security make it difficult to counterfeit or tampered with .

The Director of Treasury at the Central Bank Ihsan Shomran Yasiri The CBI re-printed paper coins of small denominations (250, 500 and 1000) dinars, and also large groups (5, 10 and 25) thousand dinars . ”

“The new currency, which started offering small ones for trading not much different from the currency currently in circulation among the citizens in terms of shape, but it provided the technical specifications more efficient and safer as contained signs of security and properties of many technical make currency a longer lifetime and are difficult or impossible to falsify “..

He Yasiri that these features will contribute to enhancing the protection of Iraqi funds from counterfeiters and manipulators .

He noted that “some of the long-counterfeiting coins currently in circulation is very poor and it can be detected easily and even without the need to pass on currency forgery detectors . ”

“The Age of the supposed global currency paper between three to five years, and the Iraqi currency currently in place extends life for about 10 years and has become a lot of categories, particularly small and old outdated . ”

Yasiri said that the total value of banknotes will be printed at around five trillion dinars (4.3 billion dollars) will be pumped circulation categories used instead of gradually .

He pointed out that “put the new currency will not eliminate the cash currently rolling paper, where work groups will be created alongside the old . ” End