The escape of al-Maliki’s family (read details)

The escape of al-Maliki’s family (read details)

24-05-2014 02:06 PM

 The escape of al-Maliki's familyRevealed reliable sources from inside the Green Zone to the family of al-Maliki, fled to Britain under the supervision of his brother Hussein Abdel Hadi Ahmed Hussein al-Maliki, known as (Abu Rehab), a nephew of al-Maliki and his private secretary and supervisor of the members of the protections uncle (Nuri al-Maliki) and is married to Isra eldest daughter of the Prime Minister.

and the family of al-Maliki, consisting of his wife (or Isra) and daughters Isra and Howrah married to his brother in law and protect Yasser Ckal and built micro left Iraq to Britain, either his son (Ahmed) emphasized the sources he disappeared and now does not appear in the office of his father, although officially appointed as an Associate Director of the Office private owners.

Abou Rehab is accused of corruption and kickbacks and great deals is extorting businessmen and receiving (Alcolmhnat) any commissions of them return for facilitating the process of signing his uncle al-Maliki on some issues and things that pertain to the work and contracts for some businessmen, the day no (Abou Rehab) of the owners of wealth and property in the city of Karbala as bought a number of properties near the shrines of Imams Hussein and Abbas peace be upon them billions of dinars after that in 2003, a baker in Syria either Yasser Ckal it from employers precedents and had previously been sentenced to several charges and is married to Howrah daughter Maliki Central.

, as sources confirmed Maliki is now in the case of hysterical has left Iraq at any time.